Arjun Raj Gaind

Arjun Raj Gaind is the author of The Anatomy of Loss, published by Bloomsbury India. He is also the author of A Very Pukka Murder, Death at the Durbar and The Missing Memsahib, which are the first three instalments in the critically acclaimed ‘Maharaja Mystery Series’ published by HarperCollins India and Poisoned Pen Press America.
Arjun has also created and written several graphic novels including Empire of Blood, Reincarnation Man, The Mighty Yeti, Project: Kalki, Blade of the Warrior and A Brief History of Death. Currently, he serves as the editor of Third Eye, an anthology of contemporary Indian Speculative Fiction.

Books by Arjun Raj Gaind

A tale of the 1984 pogrom and survivor’s guilt, The Anatomy of Loss is raw and occasionally dramatic

It will soon be 40 years, yet the crucial events of 1984 — the attack on the Golden Temple that was codenamed Operational Bluestar, the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the call for a pogrom by Rajiv Gandhi, and the Sikh riots — still remain amongst the pivotal moments that have shaped the history of independent India. For many of us now in our 40s-60s, there are many emotions involved: the horror of either losing loved ones or hearing the horrific stories of those who had; the feeling of abandonment of knowing that people elected to look after us had chosen to kill with impunity instead; and survivor’s guilt for those of us who heard the mobs braying on the roads of Delhi at night and woke each morning to a litany of deaths amongst their family and friends. Read Continue!

Death at the Durbar: The Second Maharaja Mystery by Arjun Raj Gaind

A pair of British officers insist that Maharaja Sikander Singh of Rajpore accompany them to the British Encampment. To his surprise, they take him to the King Emperor’s quarters where Sikander’s old school friend, Malik Umar Hayat Khan, awaits. Malik Umar is serving Lord Hardinge, the Viceroy and the highest-ranked Englishman in the country. Lord Hardinge, overruling several subordinates, tells Sikander that his services as a sleuth are needed by King and country. Sworn to secrecy, Sikander is ushered into George V’s personal chambers. And there he finds an exquisite nautch-girl, hanged until dead. Sikander examines the scene and demonstrates the girl was not a suicide, but murdered. Read Continue!

A Very Pukka Murder: The First Maharaja Mystery by Arjun Raj Gaind

When Major William Russell’s valet knocks on his bedroom door the morning after the 1909 New Year’s Ball and receives no response, he and the Major’s elderly secretary eventually task the English Commandant of Cavalry with breaking it down. The Resident is dead in his bed. The fabulously wealthy Maharaja, Sikander Singh, cannot resist an enigma. Wielding careful and deliberate logic to crack puzzles that leave less intelligent men confounded, he overcomes obstacles, false trails, and the growing hostility of the English Establishment. Will the Maharaja work through a surplus of suspects and motives before the British shut him down and cover up the truth about the Major’s death? Read Continue!

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