An Interview with Dr. Vipin Gupta

  1. Please describe The Exchange Factor briefly.

The Exchange Factor is the possibility for a child to enjoy what is left after the parents exercise their right to consume everything.  What’s left is the child himself who must activate his femininity to originate the thing that matters for reproducing something that will develop everything with time.  Child is endowed with the parental masculinity, inheriting predominantly paternal genes, when the parents behave like the masculine to appropriate and consume everything that exist—with a premise that God has created everything for them to enjoy as humans.  The child is born out of the consummation of the joy of consumption by seeking to produce someone who has the power to be God after they become omnipotent from the infinite consuming of the power that exists. 

Thus, the exchange factor leads to the exchange of ancestors as God who created what we can now consume with the child as potential God, who has the power to create what future generations of grandchildren could consume. 

  • What is the motive behind writing on such a difficult topic?

The thing to ponder is if one of our ancestors was God, who created all of us in his image after living amongst us as a param deity and deciding that we could be a primeval deity if he serviced his transcendental value to us for us to copy, then what prevents us from becoming that param deity—the goalkeeper.  

Further, if we see our children as potential God, as we say that God himself has gifted the potential to our children for realizing the sky as the limit of their development, then what prevents us from activating that potential of God within us.

If we do so, then instead of depending on a para deity, couldn’t we be independent like a deity with the potential to realize the goal she desires through a path of devotion to that goal, instead of the devotion to God—the para deity, who is behaving like Indra, the king of deities who are not aware of their potential and therefore need the king as their guider (margadarshak)?

Think of it.  If a king as a leader is not able to guide everyone to realize their potential to be the leader, the marginal value of that king is zero.  And, if everyone does become a leader, then the marginal value of those leaders is zero as well, since there is no value to add beyond that except just to observe a child to emerge on the horizon as a potential follower to fire one’s value.

The motivation behind writing on this topic is to bring about the realization that each of us is externalizing our potential every moment by believing in a transcendental element who has left this world and behaving to nurture the immanent element seeking to bring that into this world.  We do so right after we realize that we will also leave the world one day and our departure will make no difference to anybody except the child who worships us because we brought it into existence by trading off our potential for self-development. In the process, we are producing increasing degeneration of social, human, ecological, economic, national, and psychological values.

It is high time we recognize the sacrifices our ancestors made to endow the gifts we have today and master the techniques for making the most out of them, instead of living a life of physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, psychological, and para-psychological distress.   A life full of distress only transmits weakened psychic linkages to our children and raises the challenges for them to make most of the gifts still left after our infinite consuming.

  • How is the response so far towards the VIPIN project?

The response is primarily of disbelief.  Nobody wishes to believe they have the potential to be God, even if their parents see that potential within them.   If one were to recognize one’s potential, then it creates huge responsibility because if one does not work towards cultivating and developing that potential one wastes that potential.   In that case, one becomes a satan—the asura—the consumer of the potential of others for producing nothing but the infinite wishes who she expects to fulfill by giving birth to infinite children.   As a matter of fact, we are experiencing population explosion, as everyone expects their children to have what they never had as well as what they have by seeing within them the potential to exceed the limits of their capability.  After all, how can one breed someone who is less capable than oneself after one has consumed everything possible to become the Almighty? 

Isn’t it much easier to identify oneself as inferior and expect the superior element to take responsibility for one’s well-being, so that one may transcend the superior element and take care of one’s entire future generation by accumulating sufficient wealth that makes one like the wealthiest person on the planet?  Surely, one can’t become the wealthiest person by projecting superiority, because in that case nobody will wish to follow that person as nobody likes anybody else to tell them that they are inferior.    We all just wish to live like inferiors by handing over the program of our life to God-like transcendental element without God telling us on our face that we are inferior to HIM.

  • What do you expect from your target audience? How is this book going to add value in their lives?

I expect my target audience—the children and the students—to realize that the inferiority or the superiority are the mental constructs.   When we experience something beyond our capability to reason, we identify the causer to be the light of the transcendental.   We believe the transcendental is with the one who is succeeding and leading as the former element, and make that one the leader, the medium for our followership as the latter in line seeking to replicate that success.  When we make others medium for realizing our goals, we become subject to their manipulation.  We have to bear the costs of mediation before we enjoy the benefits that the mediator enjoyed without anyone’s mediation.  Thus, we diffuse increasing returns for those who we are devoted to, while bearing escalating costs as the devotees.

Eventually, the devoted are forced to compensate for the costs of the devotees so that the devotees may hang on to their life and continue bearing the costs.  When the devoted takes responsibility for the devotee, the devotee’s tendency to follow a path of devotion to the devoted—rather than to the goal—strengthens.   Consequently, the devoted experiences entropy and has to give up the role of God to Mother Nature.   When we reproduce the endowments bestowed on us by Mother Nature, we produce supernatural benefits and superposition the identity of God over Mother Nature without recognizing her primordial role in producing the seed of those endowments.  When we are not appreciative of the seed, we can’t enjoy the fruits of the tree, leave alone blossoming the flowers for everyone to enjoy the nectar-like essence even without consuming anything.

  • As an established author, what do you have to say about the publishing world?

The publishing world has all the opportunities and pitfalls like any other world.  Everyone is publishing seeking to get their ideas out to a larger audience. The publishers seek to appropriate disproportionate benefits from mediating the exchange of ideas, recognizing that without their service no one will be able to fulfil their wish.  Therefore, the publishers have strong incentives to publish and promote those works that resonate with the beliefs of people.  It is much less of a challenge when one does not have to convince the audience the value of what has been published. The audience already knows that what they will read will be consistent with what they know.  

One reads to confirm that one’s readings so far have been productive. Thus, the publishing world has become a business of self-gratification of the writers, the readers, and the mediators that they are doing a great social service with the exchange of ideas without changing the ideology that generates and propagates those ideas and eventually leads to the entropy and exchange of those ideas with a new set of ideas.   Every generation believes their ideas are superior to the ideas that were before, even though they are grounded in and developed from the same inferior ideas. 

  • Is there any specific reason to publish this book independently?

I am publishing independently when I do have the option of publishing with the mainstream publishers as I have done with many other books and I am doing with my other book projects.   I am not publishing independently because no one will publish what I have researched in Project VIPIN’s twelve books.   However, Project VIPIN is based on a thesis that each of us has the potential to be who we wish to be.  We do not need anybody’s help or mediation for that if we are devoted to our goal and work sincerely with dedication towards it.  Therefore, independent publishing is a test of that thesis.  

Most people believe that by publishing independently, my work will go into oblivion.   I have 100% confidence that independent publishing will make them very popular that one day every child will know about this project and will have access to the materials at a cost they can afford.  Further, those extending the findings of this project and making them widely accessible will not have to bear any copyright costs, as the work will be available free of cost to them in the public interest.  

  • Brief about your future projects.

I just finished twelve books in Project VIPIN, that includes a thirteenth book—a dictionary of the key concepts and terms and translations from Hindi to English.  Project VIPIN translates the core concepts in ancient Indian wisdom to address issues in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, social sciences, humanities, arts, management, and spirituality.  

The next project is the thesis that Boosting Human Agility Keys Totipotent Impact, i.e., BHAKTI.   Bhakti means devotion. Bhakti is my wife’s name. She is devoted to agile work, as she is very prompt in completing everything that needs to be done with zero procrastination.  I plan to write six books under Project Bhakti starting in August and finishing next year.

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