Amit Shah Unveils 3 Textbooks in Hindi for MBBS Students

Union home minister Amit Shah on Sunday unveiled three Hindi books of anatomy, physiology and bio chemistry of MBBS first year in Bhopal, calling it “the moment of restructuring of the education sector in the country” and announced that engineering, polytechnic and law education will also be imparted in the regional language soon.

Addressing books launching ceremony in Lal Parade Ground on Sunday, Amit Shah said, “This is the moment of restructuring of the education sector in the country. I am feeling proud in saying that chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government is the first who implemented the new education policy effectively in the state. Within six months, engineering and polytechnic will also be started in Hindi.”

“Dadabhai Naroji put forward a theory of drain of wealth as foreigners were taking wealth of India to their country. Now, the foreigners are trying to brain drain of our youth by imposing education in their language to end the power of thinking, understanding and expressing but by introducing education in mother tongue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned it into ‘Brain Gain’,” said the union minister.

“The process of thinking takes place in one’s own mother tongue, that’s why Nelson Mandela said- If you talk to a person in that language, it goes into his mind but when you talk in his mother tongue, it goes into his heart. When people feel inferior in talking in English, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a message to the whole world by addressing people in Raj Bhasha Hindi on a global platform. It motivated our youth,” said the home minister.

“Now, 10 states have started translation of the books of engineering in their regional languages. Not only imparting education but we will also take care of making arrangement of research and development in the regional language. We have started exam of JEE, NEET and UGC in 12 languages and Common Entrance Exam in 13 languages,” he added.

Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also announced that merit of students of medical in Hindi will be made separately.

“People used to mock on this decision but we proved them that nothing is impossible by translating the books in applied Hindi. The team of medical education minister Vishwas Sarang and doctors did a great work,” he said.

However, a senior doctor, who didn’t wish to be named, said, “Just transliterating three books are not enough to say that now MBBS will be taught in Hindi. A medical student studies so many books to clear the concept and here we are just confining their knowledge to three books. I know this is a continuous process but it should be very fast otherwise many students will be affected with this.”

Meanwhile, Congress MLA Kunal Chaudhary said, “They have just transliterated three books and they have made huge event out of it. Similarly, they (the BJP government in the state) lied to the Union home minister that they will start engineering in Hindi in the next six months. But in real, they have already started engineering in Hindi last year and it failed.”

Note: This news piece was originally published in HindustanTimes and used purely for non-profit/non-commercial purposes exclusively for Human Rights.

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