Acclaimed Indian calligrapher Achyut Palav is presented with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Department of Applied Art at Banaras Hindu University and IDC (IIT Bombay).

MUMBAI, GPN, November 1, 2023: At the most recent Typoday (International Typography Seminar), renowned Indian calligrapher Achyut Palav received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” in recognition of his outstanding work over four decades in the field of Indian calligraphy. IDC (IIT Bombay) and Banaras Hindu University organized the event. Prof. Ravi Poovaiah, Prof. G. V. Sreekumar of IDC, Prof. Manish Arora of BHU, Ajanta Sen, and numerous other internationally recognized calligraphers and typographers attended the occasion.

Achyut Palav’s introduction to calligraphy and scripts started in school in 1973, guided by Mr. Parshuram Nabar, his art instructor. Later, while he pursued his degree in lettering, typography, and calligraphy, he was coached by Professor R. K. Joshi. He also received further guidance for his thesis, “Modi Script- 15th to 18th Century,” from senior artist D. G. Godse, historian Dr. G. H. Khare, and expert in Modi script, Dr. Ashok Kelkar. His perspective on calligraphy, particularly as it relates to the development of Indian scripts, changed for the better during this period.

Since then, Achyut Palav has dedicated his life to advancing Indian letters’ aesthetics and practical use in commerce. He is recognized for having invented the Mukta Lipi, a style that draws inspiration from Devanagari and Modi scripts. He has presented, lectured and demonstrated at many institutes, museums, international conferences, seminars, exhibitions and calligraphy events. Prestigious archives and museums own his work, and numerous projects in India and other nations have made use of his Devanagari-specific creations.

To improve the perception and use of Indian calligraphy, he has worked with calligraphers from other nations, including Germany, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and others. He has effectively combined media and tool experimentation with performing arts to produce some truly remarkable works of art. His goal was to bring Indians together via calligraphy. His voyage, Calligraphy Roadways, spanning our nation’s length and breadth established the groundwork for academic endeavors such as Achyut Palav School of Calligraphy and Callifest: A Festival of Indian Scripts. In addition to producing a number of gifted calligraphers in India, his work has encouraged pupils to learn Devanagari calligraphy from the United States, the Netherlands, Russia, and other nations.

Achyut Palav is a proud Indian who thinks that calligraphy is the art form for the public and that Indian scripts are beautiful and magnificent because of their incredibly varied and highly developed designs. Numerous students and artists, both in India and elsewhere, have found inspiration in him. His contributions to the calligraphy world have elevated numerous lesser-known scripts to prominence in addition to giving Devanagari a place of honor.

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