Weave Some More by Benia Parnaik

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The packaging of any work of literary writing with a series of events that involve the readers throughout the plot development is the key to a successful work. This becomes not only the attraction that keeps the readers engaged, but it also keeps them actively involved when they wonder what happened, why it happened, and what will happen next. An example of such a work that has the potential to keep the readers engaged at such levels is Benita Patnaik’s nail-biting thriller, “Weave Some More.” Through the title itself, the author successfully intrigues the readers’ imagination and makes them wonder what would be happening in a world where there is always an extension of weaving. They wonder what is going to be woven and how it is going to influence the nature of the novel.

While the novel begins on a note that is routine in anyone’s life, the quick package of changed events is what takes the readers’ imagination by a storm. The mystery that surrounds the incidents makes them active investigators in the events and they wonder how things happen and what would be the probable reasons. The uncertainty surrounding Bhaskar, and the mystery around Divya and Kartik’s lives become some of the key events that make sure that the readers are actively involved till the finale which is probably the most awaited too. In addition, the plot development is remarkably swift and keeps the readers on their toes. Patnaik does a remarkable job of understanding the stop points where she can enthrall the readers with her artistic craft and connect them with the routine of the day. These qualities give her work uniqueness and an identity of its own and distinguish it from any other work that has been written so far.

“Weave some more” as a title appeals instantly to the readers since they have an understanding of the implied meaning it carries and the manner in which the author weaves the events in the narrative does accurate justice to the title. While through the book, the author constructs that narrative around the routine events of life, she also infuses them with the factors of uncertainty and unpredictability and the fact that anything can happen at any point in life. This gives the readers a significant jolt and delivers the message of connecting with their loved ones without any second thoughts or any other considerations. These factors contribute to making the book a worthwhile reading as it addresses multiple aspects single-handedly which makes it relevant on social and personal levels. Apart from this, the book also appeals to the emotional aspects of a personality when it shows the connections between characters which remain more or less in the background and come to light at the right time. Throughout the 14 chapters of the book, there are moments when different emotions emerge and the characters’ struggles to fight their circumstances at the same time are apparent. This also increases the psychological relevance of the book.

Through her craft, the author creates a world that is relatable for the readers but as they become the investigators too, they assume the seat of the spectator and the onlooker of everything that is going on in their attempts to decode and understand the happenings. This also becomes a major factor for the book being recommended to readers of all age groups and those who have an interest in reading books that are more about mystery, suspense, and thriller and which have the potential to keep the readers engrossed throughout. Although the book is based on the practical aspects of life and the realities of the way they are, still, the book will appeal to even younger audiences due to the language that the author uses. She keeps the language simple, easy, and focused on driving her point in the readers’ minds and concentrates on unraveling the plotline while doing justice to the depiction of characters and their thought-process.

Moreover, the author uses the date format to construct the plot of “Weave Some More.” The novel becomes like a record that has the mention of all events sequentially as if the author gave control to the characters and they were talking directly with the readers. This record also becomes a reference point for many readers as they may want to go back to trace the happenings of a particular day to understand what would have happened. In that way, Benita Patnaik’s novel on the one hand is a series of events from the lives of different people, it is also about how events can happen without any prior notice or announcement and change a person’s life altogether. This book is recommended to all the readers not just because of the power packed plot and strong character depiction, but also the close to reality experience that the readers will have.

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