Two Books on Delhi farmers’ Stir Released in Jalandhar

Two book on ‘Delhi Kisan Andolan’ were released on Monday during the ongoing ‘Mela Ghadri Babeyan Da’ at Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall, Jalandhar.

The books titled “Trolley Yug” and “378 Din” are dedicated to the Delhi farmers’ morcha against the now-repealed three central farm laws.

In the 150-page novel (Trolley Yug), its author Balbir Parwana has tried to describe the entire farmers’ agitation in Delhi till the Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections early this year.

In an interview with a news channel, Parwana stated, “I have attempted to underline that ‘Delhi Morcha’ was the outcome of ‘agricultural distress,’ the root of which resides in the ‘Green Revolution model of farming in the state. The 40-book author Parwana continued, “With such ‘morchas’, we got certain things done (three farm laws were repealed), but beyond that, no change could be brought to the lives of the small and marginal farmers because farming distress persists, suicides are occurring, and debts are growing day by day.

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