Sixteen Centers of Excellence are created by CBSE.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has allegedly established a total of 16 Centers of Excellence (COEs) across the nation to train all in-service teachers in affiliated schools. The training in issue will come in two flavours: general and subject-specific. Higher Secondary classes will receive 23 subject-specific training courses, while generic training will receive 22 courses. These courses will cover a range of subjects, including inclusive education, art integration, happy classrooms, adolescent education programs, as well as serious subjects like cyber safety and security.

The NEP (National Education Policy) 2020 recommends that all school teachers worldwide complete more than 50 hours of rigorous training as part of their Continuous Professional Development. (CPD).

Every Government teacher must complete at least 25 hours of training as organised by the Board, the State Government, or any Regional Teachers’ Training Institutions; the remaining 25 hours must be supplied by the school. CBSE will see to it that each Government teacher completes the required training. For this, CBSE has established a higher council that will monitor the calibre of the instruction given. Each State/UT/Body will create an Annual Training Calendar from April to March that details the training criteria.

As they will sponsor and affiliate online registration from their various public, government-aided, and PPP (public-private partnership) schools to the CBSE portal for training, all state governments and UTs have decided on the training’s delivery methods.

A significant number of government schools have recently been added to the CBSE’s list of affiliations, including 124 secondary and upper secondary schools in Ladakh, Uttarakhand, and more than 1000 in Andhra Pradesh itself.

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