NMC Launches Library on Traditional Indian Medicine

Discover more about traditional Indian medicine in the NMC library. Discover the surgical techniques and wisdom of Ayurveda. Study the foundations of medical knowledge

A library containing books on ancient Indian surgery and medicine is being established by the National Medical Commission (NMC). The objective of this effort is to gather all pertinent books and manuscripts; to aid in the identification and gathering of these materials, the NMC is requesting the assistance of professionals in the medical area as well as other disciplines.

The NMC’s plan to establish this dedicated library coincides with a current debate around the alteration of its logo. The updated logo now includes a colorful depiction of Dhanvantari, a Lord Vishnu avatar who is revered in Puranic literature as the god of Ayurveda. The Dhanvantari logo, which was previously only available in black and white, has been in use for about a year, according to senior NMC officials. To improve visibility on prints, a colored photo has been added to the middle of the emblem in the most current modification.

An unidentified official stated that such tactics are commonplace around the world, using the World Health Organization (WHO) insignia as an example. The WHO design features the United Nations symbol on a staff with a coiled snake encircling it. The NMC’s endeavors to create an extensive library serve as a testament to its dedication to conserving and disseminating information regarding traditional Indian surgical methods and medicine.

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