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As time has changed so, have the burning issues of the day. When these burning issues find a place in an author’s writing, they make the work more relevant to its time. One such book is Sandeep Dass’s “Mindwash”. His work bears the imprints of the present time and his vision of how one issue can continue to dominate the lives of people in the future. Set in the year 2028, “Mindwash” comes across as a dystopian version for its time, which displays the impressions of an earlier time.

Dass begins building the narrative from the life of the protagonist Arun and how he has worked hard to get where he is at in life. The readers get to witness a hero like growth and development of the main character, which makes his intentions unpredictable and unexpected. This is where the author’s message comes clear that no one should perceive a person on the basis of who they are and what they do. In the midst of developing the main plot, the author shifts focus to creating other minor stories, which later contribute to making a more extensive whole which is a later event. But one thing remains common among them all, showing the after effects of war on human lives and the fact that every human wants peace. The bringing together of different nations to fight one common enemy towards the end of “Mindwash” is a highlight of this.

The author focuses more on the development of the plot and constructs it in a manner that, even in a lesser length, he is able to convey a lot many things. This is one of the factors that will open “Mindwash” to reading for all those readers who like books of shorter length. The characters like Eric, Ria, Malika, Priyanka and others may not have been the focus of the development, but they make their contribution to the plot in their own significant ways. Eric and Malika represent humans wanting peace, while Ria represents a responsible citizen of the world who is determined to fulfill her duties. Through the characters, the author discusses a variety of themes like fanaticism, wars, and their after-effects, the life of a person in a foreign land, the concept of Jihad, and a lot more. Other than that, the subject that the author has chosen makes the work relevant for reading by mature individuals who are aware of the present-day events and may want to hear the author’s vision for the future.

In addition to this, the author keeps the language simple and easy to understand. The references of actual events connect “Mindwash” more closely to the hearts of the readers, and they have an unforgettable reading experience. Every reader should take this book for a reading and get to know about not just the author’s vision of the year 2028 but also how the issues of present-day will continue to dominate in the future. 

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REVIEWED BY: Akhila Saroha  at The Literature Today
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