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Swapna Peri: This is your second book. You have chosen the fantasy genre and mostly female protagonists. Any particular reason for these choices.

Author: Hi Swapna. Thanks for reading my book and sparing time for the interview. For me, It’s just a thought chain, that goes in a particular direction. I have urgencies to write stories. So, it all depends which story gets priority. At the moment I have 4-5 different stories of different genre building up in my head. Let’s see which one gets priority. It was just a co-incident that both of my books were of fantasy genre and had female protagonists. I will write stories with male protagonists as well (hopefully soon.). However, you will never notice any week or inferior female character in any of my present and future stories because I believe in gender equality, which is still lacking despite of all the propaganda happening around. My bestselling book ‘Jugni’ was published in 2017 and it was story of India’s first female superhero. Why we did not have a lady superhero before that? Perhaps our society was (or still is) not prepared to see a strong female figure. I want to change that and will change that, does not matter if that limits my number of readers.

Swapna Peri: Your books are quite inspiring and brave. They showcase that young girls must develop the brave attitude to fight every odd they face. What inspired you to write such stories?

Author: Nirbahya incident in Delhi was quite shocking for me.  I started to think, what if she could fight those men? The opening sequence of my Jugni book is inspired from that. In that book of mine, I talk about providing self-defense courses to girls in schools. I hope that becomes a reality. The female protagonist in Jugni book is an expert of martial arts and teaches other for free. While in Ellie Orin book the main character is just 13 years old girl saves her grandmother from an army of monsters with no martial arts or weapons training, just with courage and presence of mind. If my books manage to inspire even a single girl out there, I will feel my work is done.  

Swapna Peri: When did you actually decided to become a writer?

Author: I did not. I didn’t even know I could write. A story sequence was running in my head day and night. My wife asked why you stay lost all the time. I told her that I have a story in my head, I keep on thinking about it. She advised me to write it down and get it out of your brain. So I did. Then she read the file and told me that could make a good book why don’t you talk to any publisher. Even at stage I was thinking it was just some random thought nothing else. I emailed my sample to few publishers and surprisingly all of them liked it. After few editing and cover designs, I had a book. Next thing I came to know, that book made it to the top 10 of India. So, that experience gave me confidence, and I came to know I can write as well

Swapna Peri: What kind of support did you get from your family and friends when you disclosed that you want to be a writer?

Author: Parents came to know when they had book in their hands. They were shocked like everybody else in the family, no one expected that from me. The support that really mattered was my wife’s who gave me time and situations to write. She believed in me, when I did not believe myself. Without her support I could not write. Even today she is the part each step from writing to cover design, till publishing. .  

Swapna Peri: What other books of this fantasymysteryadventure genre did you read?

Author: I am big fan of JK Rowling. She is the only author I read in fantasy genre. For mystery I read Lee child. I spend a lot of time reading self-help books and auto-biographies of great people.

Swapna Peri:
Did you anytime write such stories during your school days? Did anyone hint you that you would be a writer one day?

Author: Everyone used to tell me, you will do something in your life. But no one precisely mentioned what they sensed. Even I wasn’t sure as well. Never wrote anything significant before Jugni. I was as surprised as everyone around me to discover my writing talent. 

Swapna Peri: What are your favorite pass time activities other than writing?

Author: Netflix and chill.

Swapna Peri: How has been your journey with Evincepub family been?

Author: So far so good. They are quite professional. I see this company growing a lot in the future.

Swapna Peri: Are you working on any new project? Can you give us some details?

Author: Yes I am, but it’s not writing related. I am ongoing to launch my own radio station soon. I already have plans to encourage young writers through that channel. I am preparing a program on which kids can read their stories over the radio. I will also share story writing tips, and will interview established and new writers.

Swapna Peri: Has COVID-19 lockdown impacted you in your writing or reading activity? How did you cope up?

Author: Covid has impacted my eating activities only. Wife tries new things from YouTube every day and most of the thing are quite delicious. I hope scientists find a vaccine soon and world get rid of this deadly virus and my gym opens again.

Swapna Peri: What kind of book do you usually read? Name few of your favorite ones.

Author: I spend a lot of time reading self-help and motivational books. Which is another genre, I am going to write a book at some stage.

Swapna Peri: Few words to our readers?

Author: I just want to say, please read constructive material which adds some value in your life.

Book: Ellie and Orin Prophecy
Gagan Saini
Interviewed By:
Swapna Peri
Evincepub Publishing
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