Global Publishing Industry in 2021, a new WIPO study

At the New Delhi Book Fair, José Borghino, the secretary general of the IPA, and Pranav Gupta, the chair of the IPA’s Data and Statistics Committee, joined Kevin Fizgerald, director of WIPO’s Information and Digital Outreach Division, to present the most recent publishing industry data gathered by WIPO for the year 2021.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Fitzgerald concentrated on the report’s insight into the COVID-19 pandemic’s second year and the signs of industry revival. As a result, the 21 nations covered generated a total of 71.6 billion USD in revenues, with some markets experiencing impressive growth over 2020 revenues. He continued by examining the development of industry revenues by format and sales route and making note of the ongoing development of revenues for digital formats.

The complete WIPO report is available here.

The ensuing discussion was moderated by Pranav Gupta and included José Borghino, secretary general of the IPA, Monica Malhotra, managing director of the MBD group, and Vikrant Mathur, executive director of Nielsen Book Data India.

In his comments, Borghino emphasised the challenge of obtaining comparable data on the publishing industry and thanked WIPO for devoting time and resources over the previous seven years to developing their survey. He emphasised the necessity of data for the industry to effectively convey its story. He thanked Pranav Gupta for taking on the chairmanship of IPA’s new Data and Statistics Committee which aims to reduce the number of data black spots.

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