Four More Shots Please! Season One – Web Series Review

Four More Shots Please! Season One is an Indian web series streaming on Amazon Prime. It centres on the lives of four women who are in their mid 20s to early 30s. The stories of these female protagonists is set in urban Mumbai. Through their life’s struggles and ups and downs they discover themselves and garner a stronger bond for their friendship. The series is a unique take on female friendship that almost edges towards a sisterhood. It may sound like or even be categorised as an Indian version of Sex and the City but it is a lot beyond that as the girls do not move out of Mumbai to holiday in lavish destinations in the first season at least and their personal struggles put them to discover inner strength and create stronger bonds with each other.

The plot revolves around the lives of four friends namely, Damini Rizvi Roy who is a journalist, Umang Singh who is a gym trainer, Anjana Menon who is a lawyer and Sidhi Patel who is a single child from a well off family. The plot is intense and exciting. The plot is circumlocutory to some extent in the sense that the characters meet and greet, bond and break off, understand and misunderstand each other in a series of events that are rising issues in urban setups in Indian metropolises. In this small world, these four women are portrayed as shining through the challenges that life hurls at them and building each other up to achieve their dreams against all odds. Their portrayal as women in unconventional professions makes for their struggle to become inherently interesting though that does not take away from the fact that the episodes are a little too high on the glam quotient.

What binds it all together is the characterisation that is unique and passionate. These women are fierce in the way they defend their choices. They love wholeheartedly, have their hearts broken, but do not forget to love whole heartedly again. This is what makes these round characters so passionate and mesmerising. There is an attempt to put them together as an ode to woman hood. The fact that they are of different ages, from different family backgrounds with very different tastes makes them each lead their roles. They follow unusual paths that are difficult but do not lose their core values of being kind, loving and caring. This makes each of the characters truly vulnerable and relatable. Though these characters may come across as a little too urban, too glamorous and almost celebrity like making their raw side hidden beneath a lot of shimmer, their vulnerability, their unapologetically being themselves, making mistakes, tumbling, falling and rolling back with a bang is what will entertain and draw audiences from one episode to another. The first season can be watched easily in a single sitting. There are about 10 episodes in the first season and each episode rolls for about 20 minutes. The introductory song is catchy while the musical score and background music is commendable.

Written by Devika Bhagat, this feminist take on urban women who are ambitious, unbeatable and unapologetic about living lives on their own terms gives space to question the age old standards that society has set for women in India and to rethink the customs and mores by paving way for a society based on equity and mutual understanding. The dialogues are moving and help shed light on the characters. They place these characters in their proper situations and help understand where they are coming from better. 


Four More Shots Please! Season One

Directed by

Anu MenonNupur Asthana


Sayani Gupta Bani J Kirti Kulhari Maanvi Gagroo

Music by

Mikey McCleary

Country of origin

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