Dr.Sridevi Soundirarajan, also known as Sridevi K.J. Sharmirajan, is a remarkable Indian professional whose journey through life has been marked by an impressive array of accomplishments and talents. With a diverse educational background, including a BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering, an MBA, and an MA in Yoga for Human Excellence, she has established herself as a multi-talented individual in various creative and intellectual fields. She got the honorary doctorate in the field of LITERATURE from ICONIC PEACE AWARD COUNCIL.

Born with a passion for the arts, Sridevi is not limited to a single domain. She is a Bharatanatyam dancer, a certified yoga teacher, an author, a podcaster, a YouTuber, and an artist. This versatility is a testament to her dedication to self-expression and the pursuit of knowledge.

In the midst of the 2020 lockdown, she made the life-altering decision to bid farewell to her software job. During this transformative period, she unearthed her IKIGAI in yoga and reading. Beginning in 2020, she embarked on a journey of yoga classes and eventually chose to forge a career as a Yoga Professional. She pursued her Master’s degree in “Yoga for Human Excellence” and successfully attained certification as a Yoga Teacher.

Her love for reading, particularly in genres like romantic comedy, mythology, fantasy, and history, enriched her life beyond measure. The world of books allowed her to venture far beyond her imagination, kindling a desire to share the same magical experiences as an author with her readers.

The turning point in her life occurred in August 2022 when she decided to take part in an essay competition. Her essay, titled “My First Novel,” eloquently delved into the intricacies of the five-part epic, “Ponniyin Selvan,” encapsulated within a concise seven-page essay. To her delight, this essay found a home in a prestigious magazine, igniting her passion for writing.

Spurred on by this success, she went on to craft her inaugural poetry book, “Positive Infinity.” This collection of verses garnered three prestigious awards, solidifying her path as an author. Sridevi’s journey in the world of literature is nothing short of remarkable. Her literary achievements have not only left an indelible mark but have also garnered her prestigious recognition in 2023. One of her most celebrated works, the poetry book titled “POSITIVE INFINITY,” stands as a shining testament to her talent. This exceptional book achieved a trifecta of awards, including the GOLDEN BOOK Award in the category of positive poems, the INTERNATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD in the category of poets, and the 21st CENTURY EMILY DICKINSON AWARD.

In the world of literature, these accolades are no small feat. They reflect the depth of emotion,  creativity, and skill woven into every verse of “POSITIVE INFINITY.” Sridevi’s words resonate with readers, offering a unique perspective on life, positivity, and the beauty of the human experience.

But her literary prowess doesn’t stop there. Sridevi’s second book, “21 LAWS OF UNIVERSE,” and her enchanting creation, “MY BOOK KINGDOM,” have also received the coveted LIMITED EDITION 21st CENTURY EMILY DICKINSON AWARD. This recognition attests to her consistency in delivering literary excellence and a unique voice that captivates the hearts and minds of readers.

Her fourth book, “ENCHANTED SEASONS: Embracing Nature’s Magic,” her fifth masterpiece, Ikigai’s LIGHT: Illuminating Life’s Path,” and her sixth gem, “ICHIGO ICHIE HARMONY: THE GIFT OF THE PRESENT MOMENT,” have each been honored with the AUTHOR FINISHER AWARD from AUTHOR FREEDOM HUB SOCIETY. This series of accolades showcases her unwavering commitment to inspiring and enlightening her readers through the written word.

Sridevi’s commitment to promoting well-being and positivity is evident throughout her literary work. Her book “STRESSFUL LIFE VS ABUNDANT LIFE: YOGA IN A SAMURAI WAY” soared to the #1 bestseller position on Amazon. This remarkable feat not only speaks to her writing talent but also to the immense impact of her message. In recognition of her profound influence, she was honored with the INSPIRING INDIA AUTHORS AWARD in 2023, a testament to her dedication to empowering individuals and fostering personal growth. A heartfelt testimonial from Sutapa Bhattacharya, the National Level Literature Writeup Owner, and curated by Subhechcha Ganguly, further underscores Sridevi’s literary prowess. Her ability to inspire and uplift through her writing is something that truly resonates with her readers. Continuing her literary success, her books “THE SAMURAI JOURNAL” and “ZEN BOOKSHELF” also clinched the prestigious PROLIFIC AWARD at AUTHOR FREEDOM HUB.

These works further demonstrate her versatility and her capacity to touch on various aspects of life, from the spiritual to the practical. “200 ZEN STORIES: CULTIVATING POSITIVITY AND INNER PEACE,” another jewel in her literary crown, reached great heights by winning the INTERNATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD in 2023, specifically in the category of FEMALE WRITERS. This achievement, coupled with another PROLIFIC AWARD from AUTHOR FREEDOM HUB, and the book getting nominated as the writer of the month and weekly book trends at Writer’s Excellence 2023 by NE8X solidifies her status as an author who crafts words that inspire and uplift, leaving a profound impact on her readers.

In addition to her literary achievements, Sridevi has received the NARI PRATIBHA SAMMAN CHANGEMAKER 2023 from Sheforward, BHARAT VIBHUSHAN 2023, RABINDRANATH TAGORE LITERATURE AWARD 2023, INTERNATIONAL LSH AWARD 2023, ICONIC NARI SAMMAN PURASKAR 2023, BHARATIYA BHANUSIMHA PURASKAR 2023 and INTERNATIONAL IKIGAI AWARD 2023 by DRDC GLOBAL, INDIA NOBLE AWARD 2023, ASIA EXCELLENCE AWARD 2023 in the category of MULTITALENTED WOMEN OF THE YEAR by MTTV INDIA recognizing her as a changemaker in her field. She won the world’s Great Deeds award from WORLD’S GREATEST RECORDS. She has been selected as Top 20 Paramount Women’s Award by Namya Magazine.

Sridevi’s podcast, “SPREAD POSITIVITY with AUTHOR SRIDEVI,” is yet another facet of her multifaceted career. Available on Apple Podcasts in the New and Noteworthy category. She made a world record for “The Author behind Positive infinity and iconic podcaster of 2023” by the Influencer book of world records and Bharat Record book 2023.She won “Iconic Podcaster and Author of the year 2023” from She rise achievement gala 2023 by Diva Planet Magazine. She got the prestigious Queen Of Success Of The Year 2023 in the category of Woman Author & Youtuber from Femmetimes Magazine. This podcast complements her written works by spreading messages of positivity, inspiration, and personal growth. Sridevi’s commitment to inspiring and uplifting others has led her to become the GLOBAL BRAND AMBASSADOR and INTERNATIONAL LITERARY AMBASSADOR of THE INSPIRING WOMEN COMMUNITY (TIWC). At the heart of Sridevi’s life lies a profound adage: “ATTRACT POSITIVITY, REPEL NEGATIVITY, SPREAD POSITIVE INFINITY.” This motto embodies her philosophy of life and serves as a guiding principle for her work, both in the literary world and her artistic endeavors. Sridevi’s journey exemplifies the transformative power within each individual to create a positive impact on the world.

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