Book Review – What is Cultural Factor by Dr. Vipin Gupta

Deep. Thought-Provoking. Well Researched and wonderfully written

One of the most enticing factors for any non-fiction book is its title or subtitle. Vipin Gupta’s What Is Cultural Factor captures your attention with its proclamation of Biology Beyond Darwin. In his pursuit of disentangling the vastly integrated processes in nature, Dr. Gupta wonderfully narrates the concept of Self fusing with the magnanimity with nature at a conscious and subconscious level. The vastly integrated process that prevails in Nature is never an illusion. Our creation is not an illusion. If you do not believe that God exists, it doesn’t mean that the reality of God is contingent. With educative, illuminating and revolutionary thoughts, this book is a marvellous creation of enthusiastic research. As a reader, I would say that this whole series is going to transfigure the way we perceive our existence as human beings on Earth. Would you believe if I say that you can free your mind from the present reality and exchange that with the conscious imagination of the impossible to make that possible? A blend of science and spirituality, this book is an open invitation to grasp the reasoning behind our very growth.

The detailed preface strikes a chord with the readers as it elaborates on the previous 9 books. The core idea is to let our conscious mind delve into the power of subconsciousness to unleash our true potential. This book intends to help one gain freedom from the notions based on ideals, opinions based on theories, and numbers based on dust-ball empiricism purified through mathematical manipulation to give an elite space to the physicists.

“One accumulates wealth through unsustainable control over Mother Nature’s resources intended for every child. On the one hand, physicists claim that energy is not creatable, only transformable.  But, on the  other  hand,  they  endorse  the claim  of  the  economists  that  the  trillionaires  are  creating  the energy that makes them wealthy and not taking that energy from anyone else.”

It takes immense courage and knowledge to challenge the ruling authorities in the world of science. The book emphasizes how spirituality and science have specific roles in our life and are tools for us to enjoy life. It depicts how people let spirituality and science enjoy them and everybody has become a producer,  a  consumer, or a trader of either spirituality or science, if not both. All 5 chapters are equally engaging and enlightening while dealing with the nitty-gritty of cultural transformation amongst humans and deities. The first chapter begins with the analysis of how culture and entity transform into each other and slowly proceeds to lease out the phenomenon of mass consciousness as the source of energy.

Frankly speaking, this book is a serious read and cannot stand alone without reading the previous books in the VIPIN series. The language is hefty and needs thorough dedication to understand this concept. If you wish to awaken your spirituality with a science-backed thought, you have gotten hold of the correct book. The second chapter deals with the balance of time with entity and deity while the fourth chapter takes an interesting twist with the Earth wheel, Moon wheel and Sun wheel. The whole book offers time-appropriate reasons to motivate appropriate decisions from those who have an open mind for a reason. While you turn the pages, you tend to learn how to become a complete creature only with the development of the three forms of consciousness: divine courage consciousness, guider power consciousness, and sentient wisdom consciousness.

Lastly, this book is a sheer work of determination to speak aloud about our ancient wisdom which harbours more scientific knowledge than the existing science bigot talks about.

Book Title – What Is Cultural Factor
Author Name – Dr. Vipin Gupta
Publisher – Independently Published Imprint
Rating- 4/5
Reviewed by – Atrayee at The Literature Today

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