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The book, “The Aravan Head” by Author Arvind Narsima published by Evincepub Publishing ( can most certainly be regarded as a Crime Fiction with an appropriate dose of Action, Mystery and Thrill. The Author has portrayed plenty of life in the characters of his plot, in such an engaging manner that readers will simply want to go deeper in the story. Moreover, it’s a multi character story and undoubtedly all of the Author’s characters had played their role with great sincerity!

The plot has been written with great efforts and the readers will find many interesting twists and turns of events throughout the plot. The way Author has composed this plot that it would not be wrong to compare it with a jigsaw puzzle; Every chapter in this book is like the piece of puzzle and only when all these pieces are joined together, the whole plot starts to make a lot more sense, very much in the manner, which the Author had intended through his brilliant writing.

The Author, Narsima Mourty, known better as Arvind Narsima in the literary circles on various social media and to readers nationwide, has come a long way to become an author that he is. Having traditionally published two books, THE INVESTIGATOR SERIES and THE ARAVAN HEAD, along with two short stories in the anthologies, MIDDLE MARCH and SEASON OF LOVE, critics have quoted that he differs hugely from the other contemporary writers as his writings depict most of the social, psychological and economic delinquencies taking place inside domestic ambiences and in the society, with a keen appreciation to the human values.

He’s a staunch believer in God and his Legacy, which he intends to leave behind for his daughter to hold dear to her heart forever, would be to get recognized as a good author, as a writer whose words have touched millions of fans, worldwide. His other passionate hobbies include travelling, cooking, painting and singing.

This book, “The Aravan Head” is most certainly a well-researched Crime Thriller with a terrific narration and characterization. The story revolves around the main character Arya/Diwakar, the “Protagonist of this Story” playing the role of a super-cop. He is shown in a very special manner by the author and he is truly a strong character, whose presence felt in almost every single line of the novel. Witty like Sherlock Holmes and action ready like James Bond, he is a duty bound police officer who is ruthless and often breaks law only to make it. He is an instinctive person, who followed less of the conventional ways and acted more with the contingency approaches. His investigative mind always made him stay ahead of the time, thanks to his extraordinary intuition and farsightedness. To summarize all he is a deadly encounter specialist!

The plot begins with the death of Shreya, wife of Rahul Kalmadi, the chairman of Kalmadi group of companies at Mumbai. She had possessed a DVD which had been sent with intent of blackmailing the couple, which shows the couple being involved in a high profile sex-scandal. In another incident there is a big ensemble of political heads, big-shots of the city and high profile people at the rich bungalow of Sunena Kataria, mistress of Bipin Kataria, the ruling MLA (Mumbai), to be a part of her birthday. A conspiracy to end the reign of the ruling party is under progression under the leadership of Mayank Agarwal, the predicted future CM of Mumbai. Elsewhere in Mumbai, Professor Umesh Srivastava is found killed in his own house after being threatened by the ‘black lady’ Chetana to fulfil his assignment of trafficking the college girls.

The depth of the plot clearly tells that a lot of research is done by the Author on different things that is making the novel appear more real. The book is indeed Reading Worthy with an incredible combination of thrill, action, drama, mystery, romance, chase, politics and a lot more. The narration of the book is flawless and gripping. This will make you finish the book in one go. The lucid language and good editing makes the reader complete the book without much difficulty. The thrill and suspense adds more flavour to the plot and takes it to a level higher! 

The Book Title creating too much curiosity is very much justified too since the ancient relic of Aravan Head is the centre force around which much of the interesting events takes place and the entire plot revolves. In addition, the Book Cover, too deserves a special mention for being extraordinarily deep with the glimpse of the action, suspense and mystery which the readers will find in this book!

“The Aravan Head” is a delicious recipe and an intelligent mixture of mystery, investigation, thrills-and-chills running down your spine, chases, stunts, friendship, sacrifice, romance, action, drama, politics, mafia, cops and thugs and lot more, making it a Must Read with few events which happen within a short time-range and are later beautifully connected to sum up into a mind-blowing narration.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Arvind Narsima
Book Title:  The Aravan Head 
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Buy Book: Evincepub Store                                                  Reviewed by Neel Preet at theliteraturetoday

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