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Book review of “BIKHRE SAPNE…”

This book has been authored by M.Murtza, who had been a great author of many successful books like “Roshni ka Minaar,” “baag ki khushboo,” “Anuradha,” and so on.
Author M.Murtaz has covered the points coupled to paucity, rape, false cases, and regrets. This book is a straightforward approach to the muddles inherited from ancient society, and yet it is being gone on.

The BIKHRE SAPNE story spins around the central characters, Rukmini, Rajan, Jankidas, and Lata.
The scene starts with Rajan’s mother Rukmini, a widow & is being forced to stand by a landlord one night instead of seeking an excellent job for his son’s upbringing.

The central themes of BIKHRE SAPNE are….

Author M.Murtaz has highlighted India’s problem in an ideal way with some basic examples, mostly of Rukmini, the orthodox society is just like the same, not changed a bit. For his son Rajan’s upkeeping, she does the household chores of others’ homes without thinking about herself.

Condition of a woman.
Rukmini was asked for a one night stand or a good job, which shows the brutal reality of the patriarchy society, as the author tries to reflect that a breadwinner can be only a man; the one who earns is the one who gets consideration and courtesy, and every woman has somehow had to depend upon her husband.

The rape of Rajan’s classmate can shake the brain of every reader; the notion has been portrayed well by the author.

Well, nobody helps on time, but the character Jankidas and his daughter Lata wins the heart. While Rajan meets Patna’s accident, Jankidas was the only one who helped him without any anticipation. This shows that in the world of cruelty and selfishness somewhere, humanity has an existence yet.

Problems faced by a small country.
Water is essential, and Rajan’s village is seen as facing problems related to potable water.
Summing up, I can say with good grace that the author’s ink hasn’t failed to express a contesting mother’s emotions and hurdles, a country’s poverty, and the evil happenings around the society.

This book gives an accurate approach to the problems related to females’ day-to-day lives, which anyone can face anywhere. The character Jankidas is a motivation for humanity, which teaches you to be gentle and be a human to everyone

Title: Bikhre Sapne
Author: M. Murtaza 
Reviewed By: Aditi Arya 
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing 
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