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The title of the book ‘Ellie and Orin Prophecy’ is intriguing and magical. The cover image of the book is an animated image of a young girl facing a group of ferocious and scary serpents in a dark place. The picture gives an authentic feeling of reading an adventurous book.

Ellie and Orin Prophecy is one of those children’s book that I recently had the pleasure to read while being on my children’s fiction binge. This is my 5th book of this month that belongs to Children’s fiction. Of late reading such stories from young authors or authentic authors, the creativity and the amount of imagination these fantasy books have been startling. It is astonishing that a human mind can make great stories with animals, non-living things and such. Apart from this, the concept of fairies, curses, magical powers is always enticing and exciting.

In this book also, there is a massive ride with magical powers. The visualisation one can get while reading transports the reader to a different world. I had a great time reading this book.

There are many characters in the story, but the central characters of Ellie, her little brother and her grandmother are the most endearing ones. I truly loved the grandmother’s character. Well, the story starts with her and goes on for the quest to find her. There are so many situations where the warmth given by a grandmother is felt.

A beautiful narration with lots of adventures and puzzles with a right combination of mystery, present-day life, emotions and friendship is found in the book. The author’s attempt in giving his readers a lovely and enthralling story is achieved with superb and honest storytelling.

Simple and straightforward language is used in the book. A comfortable language, font style and size made the book ready quickly. The children who are interested in reading such books can happily pick this book

Book: Ellie and Orin Prophecy
Author: Gagan Saini
Pages: 253
Interviewed By: Swapna Peri
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Buy Book: Order on amazon

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