Basics To Write A Great Pub Day Email

One can easily find various websites and blogs on the internet, which helps and guide in creating a good “Pub Day Email” but most of them simply carries the pointers, which you should keep in mind while creating a Pub Day Email. Well, we need much more than just those pointers in order to obtain a praise worthy outcome!

First and the foremost important thing over here is to understand what is a “Pub Day” and then only we can think of creating a well composed pub day email. So, if we go by one of Blog Post by HuffPost, then the explanation goes as – Pub day is the shortened term used for publishing day: the day when a book is released (chiseled) from the author’s clenched fingers and handed over to their audience (ten readers) via an awesome publicity team.”

Now, let’s try to have a proper understanding of the term Pub Day by simplifying the definition put up by HuffPost in their blog! So, basically Pub Day is a shortened term for Publishing Day, which means the day when an Author’s work in the form of Book goes to the Book Reviewers, Publicist belonging to the Publishing World and to the Press Houses too in order to grow the coverage of the book. Well, now you might have got the sense of the significance that a Pub Day holds in an Author’s life!

Hence, composing of a Pub Day Email is an essential job for the Authors; A Pub Day Email is basically an email, which the Authors send on pub day to everyone they know, telling them about the release of their books in hopes of some nice grassroots support. One of the most effective things an author can do to is round up email addresses of personal contacts like friends, family, colleagues, professional contacts, fellow writers, book club members, teacher, former classmates who are having large followers count on social media.

Therefore, let’s focus on the points, which are the Basics to Write a Great Pub Day Email. These points may turn out to be indeed helpful for you if you too are looking to create a Pub Day Email, which will leave a long lasting impression. These points are as follows –

A) Create your Approach as per your Audience: First and the most important part of composing a great Pub Day Email is to make sure that your approach of revealing your big day should suit your audience. The email should be composed in a manner that the ones reading them finds that interesting and feels the need to participate in your big day!

B) Management of Schedule: Another very important aspect of creating a great Pub Day Email is to ensure that you make a proper schedule to send the Emails to each of your decided contact so that nobody from that list is missed. Therefore, you can also start this job from advanced and not wait for the last day to send the emails.

C) Content of the Pub Day Email: The content of the Pub Day Email is the most vital aspect of the whole process, so the content should be written down very carefully. The points that you are going to mention in your email should be framed, in advanced and you might want to re-check the main body of the content before sending out those emails.

D) Tone of the Pub Day Email: Even the written texts displays your tone, so make sure that your tone should sound polite and generous in your Pub Day Email. As you are asking them a favour through the email then you must make sure to sound gracious and thankful.

E) Contacts should be in BCC Field: Ensuring your contacts in BBC Field will help you keep everybody’s contact private and nobody would get trapped in an endless “Reply All” situation, hence the disturbance factor would be eliminated for the contacts receiving the emails.

Whether you’re a debut author or a seasoned book veteran, a pub day email is a fantastic way to spread the word about your brand-new book. 

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