Atrayee Bhattacharya

September 12, 2021 0 By The Literature Today

Atrayee Bhattacharya
Literary Editorial Head, 11 Madhyapara, P.O. Rahara, Khardah, Kolkata 700118

Atrayee Bhattacharya: A gold medallist in Applied Microbiology from VIT, India, Atrayee is a Health Educator and works in the internal communications department of a renowned MNC. To cut her long educational qualification short, her journey as an editor started with Elsevier and Cactus Communications. She is an author by herself and have published three works of fiction. She has done 5 ghostwriting projects which have been published under good banners. An avid reader of English and Bangla literature and a chai person, she sits with us as an editor, translator, and ghostwriter. She calls herself an introverted city-life hater who one day plans to live in a small hut with a bunch of rabbits. Know more about her-

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