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Month: July 2020

Edit Column Edit Text Editor Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma is that admirable personality who knows the art of turning the stones into precious gold, which he encountered in his long unconquerable, unmatchable and incredible journey! For someone who is known as “Sales Maverick” with an unmatched passion for disruptive […]

Parenting is one of the toughest, critical and most challenging responsibility in the life of a person. Becoming a parent means nurturing and taking care of a life who knows nothing and does not understand anything. In his book, “Quest for the Concealed” through the medium of fiction writing, the […]

Book Title: THE LIFESAVER – A Practical Guide To Cure DepressionAuthor: GREESHMA MANOHARPublished By: Evincepub PublishingReviewed By: Shivangi YadavAmazon: Order Book  If you are suffering from depression and you want to come out from that sad state and live a normal life then this book “THE LIFESAVER- a practical guide to cure […]

कोई कहता है बेटी महान कोई कहता है बेटी अपमान क्या है, बेटी की पहचान | दुनिया चली दिलाने मान मान तो मिलता पर… खोनी पड़ती असली पहचान | कभी बेटी, कभी बहन कभी पत्नी, कभी माँ कहाँ है उसकी असली पहचान | जीती जीवन अपना बनकर दुसरो की पहचान […]

Born on the thirteenth of December, 1996, in Kolkata, Bikramjit, pursues his Masters in English, from Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University, Lucknow.     He has three books to his credit, namely ‘Twenty-Three: Collection of Short Stories’, published by Notion Press, the novelette ‘Potentially Divine Souls’ and ‘Bouquet: A Collection of Poems’, […]