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Month: May 2020

International Author Joseph S. Spence, Sr. ​ Facebook Instagram Sincerely Speaking Spiritually Dr. Joseph. S. Spence, Sr., is a prolific, worldwide acclaimed award-winning, and best-selling poet. He dedicatedly follows his faith, and has life membership in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He is a World Peace Ambassador of Human Justice, […]

Author and Professor (Dr.) Dewakar Goel is that admirable personality who knows the art of turning the stones into precious gold, which he encountered in his long unconquerable, unmatchable and incredible journey! For someone who had been titled as, “Dard Ka Saudagar Dewakar” by Javed Akhtar or “Fikro Jazbe Ka Shayar Dewakar” by Sabir Dutt and had been recognized […]

Medical profession is regarded as the most noble profession and medical practitioners are considered next to God for their ability to perform miracles when people lose hope. It is more of a selfless profession and most respected everywhere.  “A tryst with a neurologist Dr. Navneet Kumar” by Dr. Dewakar Goel […]