10, Apr, 2021
Interview with Mr. Aditya Jain

Month: January 2020

Today’s time is such that everyone is busy preparing, competing, evaluating and improving. Yet, in the race of getting better and better, many people become demoralized, demotivated and lost midway. Hence were born the “self help books” and brilliant authors like Brian Tracy and Mark Manson have written books that […]

“”Tagline: 100 Realms of 100 writers. An BRILLIANT anthology compiled by Mr. Aditya Jain( Founder and CEO, Tripod Stories TM). Published by Evince Pub Publishing in December 2019, this book is available in both Paperback and eBook format.  Let’s understand the Title first.  What is PERSPECTIVE?  One’s perspective is the […]

The Rhythm of Butterfly: A Contemporary Poetic Anthology, well compiled, edited and launched recently by honorable Poet Honorable Santosh Kumar Biswa from country Bhutan. A creation of poetry or any form of art and a bond of love towards those inborn instincts both have distinct stages, characteristics and uniqueness, same […]

An Interview with author Fouz Chose English as the main subject for graduation for the love of the language. The very first scribbling started during this time. But those scribbles were left unseen and unread and lived a short life. Pencil drawing was another hobby which also prematurely left the […]