10, Apr, 2021

Month: October 2019

“The beauty of the life lays in the twists and turns of the events happening in our lives; Since, life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans!” The book, “Won’t Let You Go, Won’t Let You Down” by Author Saumya Mathur is a beautiful narration of the events taking place […]

Prachi Singh “How to Relieve the Pains Hidden Inside You” Facebook “How to Relieve the Pains Hidden Inside You” Author’s Background: Prachi Singh is a Life-Coach, Psychotherapist, Personality Trainer and an Assistant Professor. She trains and professes various people to help them in recovering from their fettered feelings after undergoing […]

“Pain, be it of any kind, shouldn’t ever be ignored; The sooner the pain is relieved, better the life becomes because precaution is always better than the cure!” This remarkable book, “How to Relieve the Pains Hidden Inside You” by Author Prachi Singh is written with a beautiful aim of imparting happiness […]

“God helps the ones, who help themselves; Never depend upon anyone else for your happiness!” Pratibha Tiwari’s ‘Be your Own Coach’ is a book based on self-improvement and self-enhancement. The book discusses an extremely important element in our lives – ’emotions’ and then goes about explaining how one could be […]

Welcome to Theliteraturetoday Poetry Anthology July-August 2019​ After the successful program of ‘Top 100 Debut Indian Authors’ Criticspace Literary Journals has released a unique Poetry Anthology in July-August 2019. With 50 Indian authors, we have launched a great collection of Hindi and English Patriotic Poems in the book titled “Quilled […]

Theliteraturetoday successfully completed the survey for finding The Top 100 Debut Indian Authors during 15 April to 15 May. We received lots of nominations and selected the top 100 debut authors based on the review of their books by our critics and popularity among the readers. Here we present the […]

The book, “The Aravan Head” by Author Arvind Narsima published by Evincepub Publishing (www.evincepub.com) can most certainly be regarded as a Crime Fiction with an appropriate dose of Action, Mystery and Thrill. The Author has portrayed plenty of life in the characters of his plot, in such an engaging manner that readers will simply want to […]