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As always, I say, reading the Hindi books gives a nostalgic feeling. It might be because the Hindi language is not the regular language I speak. Because of the expertise I gained from my school and later life, reading Hindi books, both prose and poetry, have become a regime in my reading life. From a few years, I have had an opportunity to read books in the Hindi language, which fall under the myth-fiction, poetry and contemporary genres. New-age Indian author’s Hindi books which have fictional stories often resonate with the present lifestyle and worldly pleasures. I rarely get to read books written by young Indian authors in classical and pure Hindi. This book by Swarnalata Patel is one such.

I loved the language, the tone, and mood of the story. I loved how the characters evolve in the story. Though I have had few concerns regarding the continuity of the story in a few places, these hiccups do not disturb the reader’s enthusiasm to read the story. I will definitely look forward to author Swarnalata’s writings in future.

What to expect from the story
Expect a neat and honest story.
Expect a striving tale of hard work to achieve the dreams.
Expect a story that shows to stand on one’s own strength no matter how many challenges life gives.
Expect a story that uses heart and feelings but not new-age technology to express and shower love and emotions.
Expect some tear-jerking moments which will make the story and the reader’s time worthy.

Who can read?
The story is written in a beautiful and universally accessible language. Though a love story, nowhere there is an element that makes the reader feel embarrassed. Because the richness of language used, the story can be read by the students or young adults who look for some good Hindi storybook(s). The wording on a personal reminded me of my ‘Hindi Madhyama Exam’ book of stories.

What is the storyline?
This is a story of a young dreamer Shaurya who with lots of dreams, comes to Delhi’s city from his village. His entry into the city changes the whole course of his life. Nandini, a girl with lots of dreams, meets Shaurya in an unexpected accident. What happens after they meet is what the story is all about. In short, it is a tale of unconditional love between Shaurya and Nandini.

My take on the characters? 
I personally consider and believe that if the characters in a story are written with extreme care, passion and strength,  the story will surely allure the readers. Here, in this story, the central characters of Sharya who happens to be the male protagonist, Nandini, who is the female protagonist and baby, the little kid sister of Shaurya stand as the highlight. Shaurya’s clarity towards life and the morals his character showcases is stunning. Likewise, how Nandini stands on her word, how she depicts her integrity and thrives to achieve big in life is inspiring. The character of a baby comes as a sweet breeze when the story gets serious. The other characters, though stay for a little time in the story, have their own mark. Overall, an honest attempt in pushing the story forward with characters that have scope, space and timing in a well-planned manner makes the story readable. Kudos to the author for this.

How good is the author’s writing style?
Written in the basic and authentic language of Hindi, the author’s excellent writing has won my heart. There are some places where the language used emits its richness. The flow of the story is straightforward and fast. The incidents and encounters are very entertaining and lovable. One of the best parts in the story are the poems. The poems that become the dialogue of the character are true, honest and touching. Another highlight of the story is that every chapter or the adhyay starts with a quotation. All of this can be attributed to the author’s writing skills. Though the Hindi language is my second language and I mostly read the English book, because of the clear language used and excellent narration by author Swarnalatha, I could read the story in a good pace and no doubt because of many likeable aspects, this story will remain in my mind for a long time.

How entertaining is the book?
The story has every element to be regarded as a definite entertainer. The reasons to call it a definite entertainer are:
~ It has a heartwarming story
~ There are beautiful characters
~ There is a family story
~ There is unconditional love
~ There are difficulties
~ There are values & morals
~ There is friendship
~ There is the responsibility
~ There is angst against the disparity
~ There is strong opposition on abuse of women
~ There is fight against social injustice
~ There is a fight for life
In short, there is everything that can hook a reader instantly till he or she completes the book.

Final Verdict
A tale of unconditional love and compassion!

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REVIEWED BY: Swapna Peri  at The Literature Today
PUBLISHER: Evincepub Publishing

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