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Human civilization has evolved with time and so has technology. From earlier dwellings of mud and wood, the progress has led to buildings made of concrete. All this has been possible due to the marvels of construction work and business. But, as it is said, there are two sides of the same coin. Likewise, there is another story about the situation too. Construction work is a risky job and requires knowledge of the expert level. Knowledge is something that comes with experience and years of hard work. In honor of the hard work of 19 years, D. Amit Bijon Dutta has written the book, “Understanding Risk Management In Construction Projects.” In this book, he imparts the experience in the field of construction he has acquired over the years to help his fellow people involved in the same field. The importance of the book can be understood by the fact that very few books have been written in this regard, and this “Understanding Risk Management In Construction Projects” may turn out to be an important read as far as knowledge is concerned.

The book is divided into 16 chapters, and the author talks at length about various risks that are involved in projects related to construction.

The author clearly states in his preface the purpose of the book, to assist planners and field workers who will benefit from understanding the different types of risk that may occur in a construction project from start to its handing over process. The author talks of these risks as they can occur at any time whether at the beginning from the planning stage to the point of handing over. Such kinds of risks can cause delays in the projects resulting in their going beyond the deadline. Having an understanding of the risks will help the builder not only avoid them and be able to foresee them but also make him efficient in doing his work on time and if everything goes well then completing before the deadline too.

He also states that the students of project management will also get a good idea about the risks that they should consider and keep in mind in the planning stage. This will help them in having a holistic viewpoint of the situation, and they will be able to make decisions in a better manner without ignoring the possibilities of risks to the maximum level.

In the first chapter which is an introduction to the book, the author mainly highlights the types of risks, their general classification and goes at lengths to explain them in a well-detailed manner. He also talks about the errors in structure construction and the different insurance available.

Later on, as the book progresses, the author talks bout the day-to-day risks involved in construction work.

The “Understanding Risk Management in Construction Projects” is written in a language that is friendly and close to the understanding of the reader. The book also has illustrations here and there, and the author attempts to explain his points in diagram form to make his point more cleared to the readers. This kind of imprints the content as the human mind is such that it remembers visually presented things in a better manner. The reading of the book is not limited just to the ones involved in the field of construction or students but also goes beyond to the readers who may not be involved in the field of construction and may want to acquire the knowledge of various risks involved. The book is written mainly for academic and study purposes hence it kind of becomes an important read for all those who are directly or indirectly involved in the field. 

Towards the end of the book, Dr. Dutta gives numerous citations and references to the sources he has consulted. This makes the book significant as it has the combined knowledge and experience of the author and also the information of all those sources which is all explained easily and finely for the readers to understand quickly and get a clear understanding of the subject.

A remarkable factor is the author has written this book after doing a lot of research keeping different factors in mind that may influence working at a construction site. Such books are must-haves for those who plan to enter the field of construction or are a part of it in some forms or the other. “Understanding Risk Management in Construction Projects” may be detailed but still it remains quite precise and to the point. This is one quality of the book that will be helpful to the readers in retaining details and information and to keep the points in mind when they are executing a project. Hence, the book will prove to be a helpful and fine read for everyone who reads it.

Book Title: Understanding Risk Management In Construction Projects
Author: Dr. Amit Bijon Dutta
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Total Pages: 250
Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha, at The Literature Today

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