‘The Ten Principal Upanishds’ to Robert Frost’s first edition book, signed: Books PM Modi and President Biden shared and their importance

The first edition of The Ten Principal Upanishads for US President Joe Biden and an eco-friendly lab-grown diamond for First Lady Jill were just two of the presents that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought to the White House on Thursday.

According to a list of presents released by the government, the PM gave Biden a copy of The Ten Principal Upanishads, a book published by London’s Faber & Faber in the first edition print. An English translation of the Upanishads was released in 1937 by Irish poet and playwright WB Yeats in collaboration with Maharashtrian teacher Purohit Swami.

Additionally, the US President was given a unique sandalwood box with finely carved flora and fauna patterns that was created in Jaipur and made of sandalwood from Mysore, Karnataka. A fifth generation silversmith from a Kolkata-based family of silversmiths created a silver idol of Lord Ganesh within the box. A copper plate and an oil lamp were also inside.

US First Lady Jill Biden received an eco-friendly lab-grown 7.5 carat diamond from the PM. The diamond was set in a Kar-e-Kalamdani box constructed of Kashmir’s renowned papier-mâché, which reflects chemical and optical qualities that are earth-mined.

The presents were presented during a private dinner on Wednesday held by the Bidens at the White House.

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