The Relentless Services By India Post During The Lockdowns

During the summer days of the year 2020, when the nationwide lockdown was imposed for the very first time and the commercial activities faced the speedbump it was only one thing that kept the things moving around the country. Be it the medicines, the medicinal tools, the Rakhis, books, documents or whatsoever that was needed to be shipped from one part to the other part of the nation, India Post made it their aim to not let the COVID-19 or Chinese Virus disrupt their operations.

India Post has been tremendously successful in shipping the parcels of their customers not just during the first lockdown but also during the second and in all the other major and minor lockdowns that took place at different parts of the country later. Now, you must be wondering that why are we only focusing upon the ‘relentless services by India Post during the lockdowns’, while there were numerous other courier (private) services available too!

Well, undoubtedly there were several other private courier services available during the lockdown days and they too their rendered services of shipping the parcels around different parts of the country. Interestingly, some of the private couriers were successful enough to ship the parcels much faster than the India Post during the lockdowns. Still, there was something, which made India Post better than all the private couriers combined. Over the years, India Post has achieved the image of being a trust worthy shipping service and the thing that has made India Post so popular among the citizens of India is their virtue of being ‘Economical’ to their customers!

India Post, being a pocket friendly shipping service has gained the trust of the people around the nation. Well, as citizens we must acknowledge and appreciate the Modi Government’s decision of maintaining the services of India Post at the same old rates, without increasing the charges of shipping (national & international) or any other services even a bit during the lockdowns. Isn’t this a wonderful gift to the citizens by the central government in times of need?

Sadly, the private couriers did not act with so much humanity as the Modi Government did at times of despair. It was during this time, when the vaccines for the Chinese Virus was not ready and the lockdown seemed endless the private couriers decided to make super normal profits, keeping the humanity factor aside. Sensing the urgency of the people to deliver their parcels from one place to another, the private couriers stooped a level even lower than imaginable and went ahead to increase the charges for shipping and the other services provided by them. Well, these private couriers might have earned their targeted super normal profits but on the account of what?

It is not a common habit in our country, India that people praises the steps taken by the government. Most of us are in the habit of criticizing the government and some of us are so lost in this habit that they even criticizes the government even when the government is 100% right. So, in such a country if almost everyone has appreciated the decision of Modi Government of not increasing the charges of India Post, be it the shipping charge or any other service charge then you know what kind of a gem is our India Post. Therefore, India Post deserves all the praises for their relentless services during the days of lockdown!

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