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Book Title: THE LIFESAVER – A Practical Guide To Cure Depression
Published By: Evincepub Publishing
Reviewed By: Shivangi Yadav
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If you are suffering from depression and you want to come out from that sad state and live a normal life then this book “THE LIFESAVER- a practical guide to cure depression” by Greesham Manohar will help you.

Here Greeshma shares her expression of depression. She waited for three years to finally find a cure. Here she shares all the tips and methods which she used to cure her depression. She cured her depression naturally without using any meditations. She also says that if she gets rid of her depression so after reading and by following her tips and methods you can also cure your depression.

The author intends to help those people who are suffering from depression, through her book. While depression, our life is consumed by loneliness and hopelessness. The author wants to be the light in those dark times. Here Gresshma mentioned some activities at the end of every chapter. We feel alone and depressed when we are free or are mind is free. As we all heard that, the empty mind is the house of the devil’ here devil refers to depression and loneliness.  The author formulated this book in such a way that by reading this you remain engaged through various activities which turn and keep your mind busy and positive.

In this book, the author talks about depression, facts of depression, and causes & symptoms of depression. She also shares how depression can affect your health and how she and some famous peoples get out of depression. Depression is an eye-opener for her. while suffering from depression she learned many things from it. Depression changes her life as same as she also expects that from us that after using her advice and method mentioned in this book our life will also get changed like her.

Here the author advises some methods like always be busy because if we always busy with some work then our mind didn’t get time to think about worst and feel alone.  Regular exercise, exercise makes us mentally and physically fit thus, it is important to do regular exercise. Sleep well, Sleeping well is a priceless gem for us, good sleep can make us stress-free and energetic. Here the author also shares to eat well and live well. Good, hygienic, and healthy food keeps us always active. If your diet is good then you can live and enjoy your life with pleasure.

She also talks about self-love, self-care, spends time with baby, and to forgive people. Surround yourself with positive people, cut off negative ties, gardening, therapeutic bathing, etc., are some of the methods which an author shares here. By applying all these methods to your regular life you can feel that you have become normal. Do it for a month, you will notice a remarkable change and if you imbibe these habits for 3 months then you will get over from depression. The way the author did.

This book is all for those peoples who are depressed and want to be normal and come out from depression. A person of any age can read this book and feel the pleasure of life because nowadays a little child also suffering from depression.

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