The Hobbit’s first edition costs more than Rs 10 lakhs in a store.

JRR Tolkien’s rare first edition of “The Hobbit,” which was discovered in a UK charity shop, has now sold for more than?10,000 (INR 10,76,849). For charity, the book was auctioned on eBay.

Its rarity comes from the fact that it is among the original 1500 copies of “The Hobbit,” which was released in 1937. JRR Tolkien’s own pictures in black and white are also included in the book. According to sources, Adam Carsley, the manager of the Cancer Research UK supermarket, discovered the rare book. The initial edition of “The Hobbit” was sold online since the shop only offered things for five pounds or less.

“I opened the first page to see it was a first edition and thought it may be worthy of sending to the eBay team,” Carsley said in response to a question about how she discovered the book and its online sale. When I learned a few months later that it had sold for more than?10,000 (INR 10 lakhs), I couldn’t believe it because I had assumed we would get a maximum of?500 if we were lucky.This is one of the most expensive donations to our stores that I am aware of. Definitely the highest price for a single item on our eBay site… These kinds of contributions support life-saving research around the UK.

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