The December 2022 UGC Net examinations for 77 students who were impacted by a technical issue in Delhi will be rescheduled.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has informed the applicants that the test scheduled for March 11 has been postponed. This has been done as a result of network issues that candidates encountered during their sociology, computer science, and applications exams at Brilliance Advance Studios.
UGC made the decision to retake the test after realising that there was a network issue.

Other details
The data shows that during the second shift of the UGC NET exam at Brilliance Advance Studios, 233 out of 363 applicants turned up.

Important details
The test will only be given to the 77 candidates who attended Shift 2 at Brilliance Advance Studios, Centre No. DL0101 on March 11, 2023, it is very essential to note. A different contender wouldn’t be made to take tests. When evaluating the papers of the candidates who remained and finished them, the test findings would be valid and taken into account.

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