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Relations and emotions form the core of literature in the present day. The only difference is of approach which comes with age. Shivangi Yadav’s Amazon best seller, “Someone’s Rejection Can Make Your Life” can be an example that can be mentioned in this regard. As the title indicates, the novel has a clear intention of showing the bright side in a rejection which simply means that it is not the end of the world.
On the surface level, the book has the smooth sailing story of Arshi but on reading between the lines, the readers can understand that Yadav talks about a dominant issue among teenagers due to their hormonal changes and how the events at this point of time can influence their entire life altogether. Arshi is more or less a representative of today’s internet generation who live half of their lives in the virtual world of social media and Bollywood films. But at the same time, she also slips in the factor of parenting and what the marvels of correct parenting can be.
The novel has already become a popular among readers as it was released on 22 August 2020 and within 3 days, it became #1 amazon bestseller. This is due to the fact that “Someone’s Rejection Can Make Your Life” is less of a book and more of a guide for teenagers as to how to deal with rejections in life and handle the critical situations in relationships. The author very artistically also brings home the fact that a person’s parents can see the better for them and would only advice the right things although, their manner of conveying it may not be acceptable. In the long run, their decisions are proven right due to their experience and wisdom.
The author also tries to suggest that whatever happens in a person’s life may be heartbreaking in that moment but it is left on time, it is proven to be the right thing for the same person. This book cannot be restricted to the ones going through a bad time but other young readers can also read the book due to not just the simplicity of language or the easily relatable character of Arshi, but also because they may face the same situations in their lives as they grow older and if nothing else, they would get to know of the different shades of the world in “Someone’s Rejection Can Make Your Life”.

Title: Someone’s Rejection Can Make Your Life
Author: Shivangi Yadav
Published By: Evincepub Publishing
Article By: Akhila Saroha
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