Simply Mutual: The 1% Formula written by Deepak Mullick

As time has changed from the last year to the present, the importance of finance and the significance of its presence has been highlighted more and more. Therefore, matters related to money have become primary concerns for everyone, and they have all begun to plan to be prepared for all the challenges life would throw at them. Simply Mutual: The 1% Formula by Deepak Mullick is for all those who have ventured into financial planning but feel that they are less aware. In his simplistic and straightforward approach, the author attempts to educate the readers about the dynamics of the financial world and make them more aware as they read through.

The author begins “Simply Mutual” with an intriguing anecdote which he relates with finance and its significance in a skilled and intelligent manner. He successfully convinces the readers about the importance of financial planning and persuades them to read further. While he takes a holistic approach, Mullick attempts to shatter all the myths and misconceptions that surround and crowd people’s minds due to hearsay and lack of proper sources for knowledge. He divides the book into small sections and uses different techniques to both clarify and explain the ideas through his experience and understanding. The usage of these techniques helps the readers get clarity of thought and understand the author’s words closely together. What makes the book interesting is the fact that the author talks about having financial freedom at quite an early age. For many who may be planning their life on such lines would find this book catching their interest in no time.

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It is interesting to note that the author abstains from using jargon and sticks to a conversational tone throughout the text which ensures a direct involvement of the reader. He addresses the readers directly, and when he mentions the things that they have in mind or their thoughts about different concepts related to money matters or the money market, the readers agree with him one way or the other. This makes Mullick’s “Simply Mutual” more than just a book that shares details on investment ideas with the readers. The presence of the personal element coming from the experience of the author makes the book a realistic product of something the author has lived through. Since the book is a product of the author’s experiences and observations of the dynamics of the world of money, it becomes all the more crucial for a reader who has little or no awareness of the matters of money and finance.

The author begins the book with the anecdote and then shares about how he gained his independence at a young age. Later on, he talks about the money market and how one need not be a financial expert to achieve what the author has accomplished. He shares the 1% formula that has made the difference and is bound to change the lives of others too. His construction of the book where he avoids theory and long paragraphs and keeping his words less makes the book straightforward in approach. He keeps the content precise, compact, and focused. Hence, the book becomes easy for reading even for those who are not in the habit of reading as such.

Simply Mutual” by Deepak Mullick is one of the few books which gives a clear idea of finance and helps the readers increase their awareness regarding the same. While it educates the readers, its personal records also help the readers connect with the author as a person. Through his book, the author not only shatters the common myths but also gives a direction to the readers to achieve their financial freedom and security and clarifies that no one has to be a “whizz kid to be a financial success.” This not only motivates the readers but also helps them feel optimistic for a better future. At the same time, reading the book becomes a memorable experience for the readers, and they are able to retain the thoughts the author shares.

“Simply Mutual” by Deepak Mullick cannot be restricted to any particular group of readers when one talks about recommendations. The book is for all who want to have financial awareness and independence. Since the present time is such where no person wants to be dependent on anyone for finance, the reader base of this book is likely to assume magnanimous proportions with the book being open to reading and applying by readers of all ages, backgrounds, irrespective of all. While many find new information being shared by the author, some would also find their existing knowledge being updated. To make the content easier to understand, the author uses reader-friendly language without going into many technicalities. Hence, all readers can try reading Mullick’s book and understand the 1% formula to gain financial freedom.

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