Short Story by Srushti kanagaddi | RHEA

1. Rhea’ s thoughts and imaginations

Rhea an eight year old girl was sitting window side and thinking something she was just thinking about her she was thinking her mother came and asked ‘rhea what are you thinking about??’ Rhea said ‘mumma I was just thinking about my dreams’ then Rhea asked ‘why do all ask me that what do you want to become after growing up instead of asking me what do you want to become now??’ then her mother asked laughingly ‘what sort of question is this why anyone will ask you what do you want to become now because they all know that you are still a child’ rhea said ‘yes I know that I am a child but I become anything I want to her mother said ‘ok let’s see’ then after a few days her mother took her to ted talks it is a platform where great personalities speak about their struggle and motivate us. Rhea was fully motivated by the speakers.

Next day when she went to the school some senior students were giving auditions Rhea went and asked to the teacher ‘ what was the audition about? ‘teacher said that ‘there is an interschool competition held on eloucation and students were giving auditions about that’ Rhea asked ‘ can I take part in these competition ‘ teacher said ‘No’ rhea asked’ but why’ the teacher told that’ because of your age ‘ ‘ because of my age said’ rhea ‘yes because of your age’ said the teacher Rhea said angrily that ‘what is the problem with my age!! I am 8 and I cannot speak perfectly but I can try’ Rhea tried to convince her teacher so many times but she was not convinced. As she went to her house some guests had arrived in her house. Rhea greeted them. The guests asked rhea ‘what do you want to become after growing up?’ now Rhea was frustrated by the question that ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BECOME AFTER GROWING UP?’ Rhea said why all ask me that’ what do you want to become after growing up why cannot I become something now’ guests said that ‘experience’ ‘experience’ said rhea ‘yes experience! If you want to become something you need an experience ‘said guest rhea said ‘yes I agree that I am small and I need experience but I can try’. Rhea never said that she can not do this thing she always said that she will try which made her parents happy.

Next day she was called by her teacher to give audition for education she gave the audition very excitedly but she could not tell it perfectly as other students told so she was not selected but she was not at all sad she said lets try next time. After few days she was again called by her teacher to give audition but again she could not speak perfectly like other students and not got selected. Now rhea was too sad and she was convinced that she is not so brilliant like other students and she can become something after growing up.

2. Changing of goals by Rhea

Now Rhea was totally convinced that she can become something after growing up! Rhea was sitting at the same spot where she was thinking to become something now but this time she was she was thinking after growing up at the same time she remembered that the people who motivated her in ted talks where elder then her and where talking about their experience and she did not had any experience then rhea s mom entered she asked Rhea ‘what are you now thinking about’ Rhea answered that’ I am thinking about my future mum’ ‘ oh that s great’ said Rhea’s mother ‘then what do you want to become’ asked her mother ‘a scientist or a doctor no!! a software engineer is better’ said Rhea confusingly. Now Rhea was totally confused about her future.

 After a few days there was an annual function in school and Rhea got selected for speech and she was practicing the speech day and night without any rest and sleep her mother came and asked’ are you crazy ? for just a speech which is after 6 days your practicing too much’ ‘yes mumma because last time I could not say the elocution perfectly but this time I will do it’ said Rhea. Rhea’s mother said ‘ok ok! but you don’t need to practice too much for it and if you have a good sleep you can practice better now I am turning off the lights go to sleep’ ok mom said rhea. Now finally it was the day of annual function and Rhea was giving the speech next. Rhea’s name was called she was too nervous and because of her nervousness and fear she could not give her speech as perfect she wanted and Rhea only gave half speech and left because she could not remember other half because of her nervousness. Like this whichever field she was interested she could not give her best which made Rhea too sad and the main thing is that now the school was not giving her an opportunity to do the thing she was interested in. Now Rhea lost all of her hopes and was totally disappointed.

3. A Surprise For Rhea

As Rhea now had lost all of her hopes and stopped thinking about the future and was totally disappointed. Her parents planned to give her a surprise. Now Rhea was not concentrating in her studies and she was becoming too dull because of discouragement of the society and the people that what could a small child do. Which made her not to think about now nor the future. As I said that her parents planned her to give a surprise. Finally, Rhea’s parents gave her the surprise. Rhea was so excited to know what was the surprise.

As Rhea opened the surprise she saw a set of comic books she was shocked because her parents always told her not to read comic books. When Rhea went and asked to her dad that ‘you always told me not to read comic books then why you gave me comic book as a surprise ??’ Rhea’s dad answered calmly and silently ‘nowadays I am seeing you very disappointed and dull I know that’s because of your school is not giving you an opportunity to show your talents and skills’ ‘yes dad’ said Rhea sadly. ‘come on Rhea let me tell you a story’ said Rhea’s dad ‘but what is the story about dad?’ asked Rhea ‘let me tell you the story you will come to know by yourself’ said her dad.

The story starts… Once upon a time there lived a girl named Tanisha. One day she was asked a question by her mother that ‘if you had a chance to go in the future or in the past where would you like to go?’ Tanisha said I would like to be in my present’ ‘why! Why would you live in the present when you have a chance to go in your future and see what are you going to become’ said her mother anxiously then tanisha asked a question to her mother that ‘what does my future depends upon’ her mother answered ‘ it depends upon your hardwork’ ‘ then when should I do hardwork now or in my future’ asked tanisha ‘of course now’ answered her mother tanisha said ‘ then why are you asking me such a stupid question’ ‘ yes you are right tanisha’ said her mother. So lastly live in the present and live happy.

4. Daddy’s lessons

‘So what did you understand by this story dear’ asked Rhea’s dad so Rhea said ‘dad I understood to live in present and live happy. If I live in my present and live happy and do hard work now of course my future will be bright and successful’ ‘yes you are right Rhea. Now take this diary it’s gifted by my mother to me to write about my personal life and now I am gifting it to you’ said rhea’s dad. ‘But what can I write in this dad’ asked Rhea so her dad answered you can write about your Imaginations, your dreams, some stories and many more things’. Rhea started to write in it daily which made her a quiet relief and one day her diary became a famous book. Now Rhea is encouraging all the children to think about the present and enjoy little moments of life which you can never enjoy in your future. And she has changed everyone’s mindset what can a child do to what cannot a child do. This is how a small girl named Rhea who was always discouraged by the society is now a writer and an author. So never discourage a child because you never know how talented they are.

Story Title: Rhea

Author: Srushti kanagaddi

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