Role Of Self-Publishing In The Growth Of Modern Authors

Over the time, most of us had observed the rise of Self Publishing in India, specifically among the new and the budding Authors. Well, if we dig further into the segments of the Indian Publishing Industry, then it will become even more evident that the share of ‘Self Publishing’ has increased tremendously in the Publishing Sector. In India, the seeds of ‘Self Publishing Companies’ have been sowed to a great extent and these companies are carrying out their operations throughout the nation!

Surprisingly, it was during the period of pandemic when due to the lockdown, most of companies from various industries were shutting down; the Self Publishing Companies were cropping up. These self-publishing companies started their operations at the time of test and proved their reliance in the Indian Publishing Industry by staying in the market when several other companies from different industries were on the verge of winding up their operations.

So why is this method of publishing getting so much popular among the new generation of Authors? Well, let us try to find out the reasons behind it –

1) Convenience in Getting Published: Firstly, the self-publishing method is a very convenient way of getting your written materials (manuscripts) published. Moreover, in this age of convenience, where people can simply get their food & grocery delivered to them by just a click; who would like to carry out several steps and follow a long queue in getting their work done. Well, Self Publishing is indeed hassle free, as all the Author needs to do is to call up a self-publishing company and email them the manuscript.

2) Free from the Rejections: Another brilliant reason for the constant rise in the popularity of the self-publishing companies among the new generation of Authors is that it is literary Rejection Free! Well, it is obvious that anyone would want to fulfill their dreams without facing the demeaning chapters of rejections in their lives. Moreover, constant rejections can be very demotivating for a person, which may affect the person even in the other aspects of the life.

3) Speedy Process: Most of us who are familiar with the working mechanism of the self-publishing companies, knows that in this method of publishing, the whole operations takes place comparatively very fast. Especially, if you compare the whole process with that of the traditional publishing method then you shall find that self-publishing takes place in no time. In addition, not but the traditional publishers takes months and years in publishing but also takes several months just to reply the Authors that if they would take up their project or not.

4) Full Control over the Manuscript: It is only the self-publishing method, where the Authors have full and complete control over their manuscripts. Anything that an Author wishes to publish gets published easily, even though that can be odd or eccentric. Whereas, the world knows that this can never happen in the case with the traditional publishers. Never in the history, had the traditional publishers published something, where did not interfere with the manuscript of the Author.   

5) Creative Freedom: Once again, it is only the self-publishing companies, who allows their Authors to have their say in the creative sections too. In self-publishing, an Author can very well decide the book cover, the interior illustrations, interior page designs & fonts and several other aspects of the book. You can never imagine getting these many creative freedoms in the traditional publishing method.

6) Say in the Price Setting: Well, only the self-published Authors enjoys the prestige of getting consulted by the publisher in setting up of the final price (MRP) of their books. Yes, the self-publishers guides the Authors in this process but ultimately it is the Authors, who decides the final price of their book. Whereas, a traditionally published Author never gets such kind of consultation from the publisher.

7) Higher Rate of Royalty: Last but not the least, this factor of getting higher rate of Royalty in self-publishing method is one of the primary reason for the bloom of the self-publishing businesses. The Self Publishing companies offers royalty to their Authors from 30% to 70% at times. Whereas, in traditional publishing the Authors often receives an unduly low royalty rate, which lays in the range of 7% to 15% in most of the case, unless the Author is a popular name.

Now, most of you can easily understand that how Self Publishing method became helpful to the Authors of the modern generation in their growth!

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