Rendezvous In Rehab: Based on true events by Sameen Rashid Khan Is being featured at The Literature Today Magazine Vol 2, Issue 3

Book: Rendezvous in Rehab

Author: Sameen Rashid Khan

Publisher: Notion Press

Total Pages: 42

It is always said that there is a story of the other side which is often unheard and unknown. Human beings have a tendency to not pay attention to the stories of the other side and believe what they see or hear. To tell the complete story and open the readers’ eyes to the big picture, Sameen Rashid Khan writes her book, “Rendezvous in Rehab.” Through her collection of stories written in the fiction framework, the author highlights the different aspects surrounding rehabilitation that has been unheard of and unsaid so far. These aspects highlight the humanitarian aspect of people’s lives and show how they are impacted by the system in the name of rehabilitation. Her book features stories of women who are from different sections of society, and these stories show life and the different experiences it gives to people.

“Rendezvous in Rehab” primarily focuses on stories featuring powerful female characters who are the victims of fate and circumstances. As victims, they don’t have a choice but to accept their circumstances the way they are. In the midst of this, there are stories featuring women from different walks of life who have become a part of life in rehabilitation centres for one reason or another. Through the different stories, the author shows how life can be different for everyone, yet, destiny plays its role in bringing them where they are. Through this book, Khan also shatters the perception that rehabilitation centres are only meant for drug addicts. All of her stories mark the absence of drug addicts and rather show women who are sent to rehabilitation for other reasons.

Basing her book on true events, the author gives the stories in “Rendezvous in Rehab” a fictional framework with touches of reality. These touches make the stories interesting, poignant, and genuinely touching the hearts. At the same time, these stories also open the readers’ minds to a world that has been unseen so far and make them understand the other side of the story. As a mental health professional, the author shares the intricate details and thus, fulfills her responsibility of showing the world a broader picture. Through different stories, the author shows how life situations change in a short time and transform lives into what the characters or readers may not have imagined. The story “Age No Bar” is an example of this. It shows how a person’s life can change even in the later stages.

Stories like “Starstruck” and “Beauty Restrained” show women as victims when they fit into the stereotypes about women. The typical characteristic of a woman to possess beauty is met by the women in the stories, and yet, they become victims of patriarchy and end up in rehabilitation centres. Through “Beauty Restrained,” the author also shows the social forces coming into play that ultimately ruin the life of an individual because of various factors like name in society, greed, and the tendency to harm others. Other stories like “Dark Forces” jolt the readers into a bitter reality that is generally unseen and unspoken about. Through the story, the author also highlights the delicacy of human relationships and how not taking each other seriously can mess up things in an unalterable way. By the time the readers finish reading Khan’s book, their perception of rehabilitation centres changes, and they think differently about them without restricting them to just being centres for drug addicts. The manner in which the author brings her stories to an end also creates a sense of gloom and wonder simultaneously. Even when the readers know that the story is over, they still want to read further and know what happened next.

Another story like “School’s Out” shows a different side of human existence where the author removes the negativity by showing a ray of hope which comes through patience and love towards people who have special needs. It also reinforces people’s faith that there still is goodness in the world, and it is not completely over. Similarly, “Kid at Heart” talks about the same idea from a different perspective. It shows that the inmates of rehab also have similar feelings to humans and are no less than them.

“Rendezvous in Rehab” is a book that will take the readers on a fictional spin but also get them in touch with reality because of the reality touches that it bears. The presence of powerful women characters shows a different side of the world and makes sure that the book is not seen as merely a collection of stories. Readers who are interested in reading content that is based on reality and would make them think and question things the way they are would find Sameen Rashid Khan’s work appealing and interesting. It would also open their mind to new dimensions and help them understand society and its members in a different way.

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