Poems By Naheed Akhtar Is being featured at The Literature Today Magazine Vol 2, Issue 3


Transfixed in your utter hypnotism

My being could retain mere form from you

Savored bit by bit your charisma

Is as grotesque as the veins;

In me absorbed, your aura paints

Acute an image, stainless;

So grandeur, no less than a Greek Prince,

Your hegemonic portrait

Before my dull eyes appear;

The broad fair countenance, with the eyes-onyx,

Emptying passionate oceans

Filling my thirst to the fullest

The light brown hair, curled and shaped,

Like a coronet adorned in Red Coral;

The lips are as honest as of an emperor who

Passes his words soothing millions

The main and it’s every gesture

Left me unmoved desiring their possession

The voice sweetest that overwhelmed me further

Yet on the eardrums composes rhythms

Whirling my heart at every beat

The picturization in those intervals of sorrow

Fills tears in my eyes fogging the sight

The heart is attacked with aches

The sheer aches that clutch the heart so tight

And I fail to break the series of images rolling on

I fail as well to hold the rains that turn into floods

I fail to save the heart-sucking poison of its own desires

I fail and how flawless

To survive in those intervals of  sorrow

Naheed Akthar, an Indian poet, holds a master’s degree in English literature. She is a lecturer, poet, and writer. She seems in love with Classical and Romantic poetry, however, a sense of originality is vividly seen in her way of writing. Her poems have been published in various anthologies. And, have also been published in her own book of poetry, “Phantasms of My Heart”

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