Poems by Ashwininandha Kumar

The Grace Of The Lord


Twinkling shimmering broom
The leader of the world has come
Lough at natural resources and lives
The birds are flying in the sky
The lord was working in the field
The food that the world’s people eat
The grace of the lord.

Depth Of Friendship

Loved the sky and couldn’t touch
Cannot see the wind loved 
Loved the sea couldn’t cross
Knowledge cannot destroy loved ones
Friendship couldn’t be loved and loved


He who loves money
loss affection
The lover of beauties 
loses knowledge
He who loved his
anger died dawn 
He who loves his 
parents is the tower 

Beauty of Nature

Leaf beauty to flower
The beauty of the tree to the leaf
The beauty of the land
To the tree
Water beauty to the land
The beauty of the sky to the water

Our Situation 

For the hanging rope plow
To the fisherman of imprisonment 
For the student of the need examination 
GST tau merchants
To the Eman man of the eight way road


Feeling a kind of love
If someone shows up on him.
There is some kind of affection
Towards them.
For example, the love that the mother shows towards her children,
So that everyone born in the world is the affectionate children of the lord.
It is only love that holds water, air and soil in this world under control.

Intention to scatter 

The flowers came and
The smell was born
The rain came and
The soil cooled
The tree grew and 
Pollution decreased
Electronic came down
The job
The cell phone came in and
The student’s thoughts dissolved.


Be the star in the sky
To be the earth in patience
To be a branch in a tree
The system should be airborne
The head should be crowned.


Name: Ashwininandha Kumar (Writer, Poet)

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