Oprah, Kim Jong-un, and others will all contribute personal messages to Trump’s new book.

The “Letters to Trump” collection contains “incredible, and frequently private” letters that Trump has written to celebrities, sportsmen, and business moguls.

More than 150 letters written by historical titans including Richard Nixon, Kim Jong Un, and Oprah Winfrey will be made public by Donald Trump, the former US president and his publicist announced on Thursday.

The “Letters to Trump” collection contains “incredible, and frequently private” letters that Trump has written to celebrities, sportsmen, and business moguls.

“What do leaders in government, the aristocracy, pop culture, and commerce have in common? All of them adore Donald Trump “Sergio Gor, the creator of Winning Team Publishing, said in a statement to AFP.

“Long before entering politics, Donald Trump lived an extraordinary life. No book highlights his iconic relationships like ‘Letters to Trump,’ and we are thrilled to be able to share it with our readers.”

The book, which covers four decades of communication and will be published next month, reveals that Winfrey informed the then-76-year-old Republican leader back in 2000: “Unfortunately, we are not seeking office. What a group!”

After receiving an excerpt from Trump’s book “The America We Deserve,” in which he described her as his ideal vice president, the TV mogul wrote to the candidate for the next presidency.

The 69-year-old Winfrey reportedly informs Trump that his remarks made her “a little weepy,” according to the US political website Axios.

She reportedly exclaims, “It’s one thing to try and live a life of integrity—still another to have people like yourself observe.

‘Incredible letters’\

Each letter is followed by a comment from Trump, who calls Winfrey “amazing” but laments that “she never spoke to me again” after he declared his candidature for president in 2015.

When he was a real estate tycoon and reality TV personality in Manhattan, the billionaire cut a more glamorous and unifying figure. As a result, many of the missives are personally chosen by these titans of pop culture.

The 320-page hardcover features prominent portraits of Michael Jackson, Clint Eastwood, Shaquille O’Neal, and the late British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away in September of last year.

Different letters come from past presidents Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Hedge, Bill Clinton, George W. Hedge and Barack Obama, and there will never be before-seen correspondence with China’s Leader Xi Jinping and North Korea’s Kim.

Trump’s trades with Kim broadly provoked the ex-president to tell a convention in one of his more unpredictable minutes that he and the tyrant chief “became hopelessly enamored.”

Kim’s messages were among a reserve of classified government papers found in Trump’s Florida manor last year that he is blamed for misusing from the White House, igniting a FBI strike and a continuous criminal examination.

“Letters from Trump” – – retailing at an incredible $99, or $399 for a marked duplicate – – emerges on April 25. Trump took to his microblogging stage Truth Social Thursday to promote the assortment as “the most unimaginable letters that I have gotten over numerous years.”

Last year Winning Group Distributing, helped to establish by Trump’s oldest child Donald Trump Jr, delivered the conservative troublemaker’s foot stool photograph book, “Our Excursion Together,” which chalked some $20 million in deals.

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