Neel Preet

September 12, 2021 0 By The Literature Today

Neel Preet
Director of Content, 67-B, VP Block, Pitampura, New Delhi, Delhi – 110034, India.

Neel Preet: Neel Preet is an Indian Writer-Author who is known for his Books, VOICE FROM THE EAST (2016), JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES (2018), and INDIAN DEFENCE FILES: Volume 1 (2021). The Author has also written numerous Articles & Columns for multiple Online Editorials, Print Magazines, and Journals at a very young age. Neel Preet also runs a YouTube Channel, under his own name where he creates & shares Book Promotional Videos & Writing Tips! Also, the author has written several Professional BOOK REVIEWS as well as the CRITICAL ANALYSIS on several books, on-demand basis, which are published in a handful of Book Blogs & Author Promotional Sites!
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