Meant To Be by Kanishka Nahar | Book Review | The Literature Today

Meant To Be by Kanishka Nahar | Book Review | The Literature Today

July 6, 2020 0 By The Literature Today

The lockdown gave people an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones, and also work on pursuing their hobbies or things they may have been having in mind for a long time. As a result of this, writers who are very young have tried their hand at writing books and produced remarkable works which showcase their potential as a writer.

The same endeavour has been done by another young and promising writer, Kanishka Nahar in her debut work, “Meant to Be”. The title may say a lot for the book Yet, the book is a worth read owing to the fact that it is the first attempt by a potential next-generation writer. Readers are very likely to enjoy and also learn from the young writer and understand the perspective with which she views life. The author has her own lessons of life to share in “Meant to Be” and these lessons more or less show her to be wise beyond her years as young and grown-up readers can learn from the author. Herein, the young author uses her limited experiences to craft all that happens in the life of a teenager, Kaamya and what are the events that shape her into the personality she is in present. Kaamya also becomes a representative of the young generation who is ambitious and dreams of a better tomorrow and strives to make a space for hemselves in the future. She creates other characters that revolve around Kaamya and contribute in making her stand out and seem more realistic and closer to life. Nahar keeps her plot of “Meant to Be” focused and yet addresses different themes at the same time. These themes include, love for self, failure, and how it can affect a person psychologically, family, friends, taking the right decisions and most importantly, the role of destiny in the life of a person. Keeping the fact in mind that she is young, her maturity and manner of handling such serious themes is commendable. The author takes up themes that can never lose relevance due to their being universal in nature and will always continue to be of importance to human beings.

The underlying theme of love is also addressed by the author in “Meant to Be” without unnecessary romanticizing or excessive stretching. She keeps the focus on the clear message of developing self and making self-capable enough for anything and everything. She clearly states at the end,

“live each day like it’s your last day and a make decision like you are never going to die.” 

This message becomes the crux of “Meant to Be” also takes the book in a very positive direction and leaves a good impression on the mind of the reader. Through this, the author shows the hallmarks of a mature writer who can address issues of social and psychological importance as she would grow up, and mature in further stages of life. The readers can hope and expect more from her pen in the future.

The flow of the plot of “Meant to Be” is smooth and fluid and gets into the mind of the reader, and he begins to develop more and more interest as the plot succeeds. The plot remains unpredictable for the readers which keeps their interest maintained throughout the book. The author constructs the story with a fine speed and manages to convey a lot more in a few pages. Despite their being a time gap, the reader does not feel or experience any abnormality with the flow of the plot, and it retains the fineness of the earlier pages. The compactness of “Meant to Be” becomes its important traits, and makes the book a page-turner for the readers. The language that the author uses is simple and a notable technique is the usage of short sentences which kind of contribute in having a grip on the imagination of the reader more strongly. 

Nahar creates strong and well-developed characters in “Meant to Be” and they all emerge with individual personalities and perspectives of their own. The author may be omnipresent Yet, the characters drive the plot on their own. This creates a little world that the author weaves in the canvas of the book and the journey in this world becomes an unforgettable experience for the reader. Readers of younger ages are likely to have much more interest in “Meant to Be” but grown-up readers can also read the book and observe the maturity with which the author constructs the plot, handles complex themes, and also creates characters that slip out of her hands, and take control of the action for themselves. 

Title: Meant To Be
Author: Kanishka Nahar
Publisher: Astitvaprakashan
Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha
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