Maya Bathija

Educated primarily in Tamil Nadu, India, Maya Bathija has been a journalist for close to two decades, contributing to magazines like Mercedes-Benz India, Global Gujarati, Business Traveller India, eShe and WIC Lifestyle. Personality profiles have always been her forte and she ably headed her family magazine, The Sindhian, for 14 years, compiling content and writing a popular new-age column titled ‘MayaSpeak’. She has interviewed subject experts and professionals in top positions the world over.

While writing her first business book, Paiso: How Sindhis Do Business, Maya gained an astute understanding of the individuals, having researched their various backgrounds, after meeting with their families, their bankers, friends, contemporaries, and not to forget, congressmen and mayors. Dare to Make a Change is her second book. Currently, she is exploring the country as a travel writer and continues to be a journalist writing about lifestyle and business.

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