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Acknowledged and Recognized by almost all the top Journals and Critics that too with the most delightful praises for his works, Author Vihang Ashokbhai Naik is someone with his name in the prestigious LIMCA BOOK Of RECORDS. Mr. Vihang A. Naik is undisputedly a promising author who always succeeds in bringing something intriguing for his readers and fans!

As mentioned by “The US Review of Books” Author Vihang A. Naik is truly a master of his craft and just to have an idea of his brilliance and excellence, we must know that till now 2 Books had been written upon Author Vihang A. Naik! Well, he had authored 4 Books till now and had translated 5 Books till date and there is no doubt that in the coming days his fans and readers will witness a much longer list to his credits. The Book Viral had described his works as “Recommended Without Reservation” while Readers’ Favourite had labelled his works to be “Most Highly Recommended” simply giving us the glimpse of his prowess.

Author Vihang Ashokbhai Naik, who is also known as Vihang A. Naik was born in Surat, in the state of Gujarat, India on 2nd of September 1969. If we look at his background then we get to know that he moved from Surat to Baroda, Ahmadabad and then to a few other cities outside the state of Gujarat. Author Vihang A. Naik had his primary schooling from Navrachana, then he changed his schools as he changed the cities where he lived in the coming days. Whereas his higher education took place from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda with English Literature, Philosophy and Indian Literature in English Translations. Clearly his travel experiences gave him unique insight to life and humanity, as we have witnessed in his exceptionally astounding writings!

One of the most celebrated book, “City Times and Other Poems” by the Author had made its mark by entering into the LIMCA BOOK Of RECORDS in the year 2016 and also in MICHEL MADHUSUDAN PRIZE: 1998 among the other significant awards. The book, “City Times and Other Poems” throws light on the life of a city in all its shades, glory and misery. The book is an anthology of his intuitive and philosophical poems. In addition, the book has been celebrated with some High Ratings and Positive Reviews by top Journals and Critics around the globe like Midwest Book Reviews (USA), Limca Book of Records (India), Indie Readers (USA), Manhattan Book Reviews (USA), Kirkus Reviews (USA), Readers’ Favorite (USA), Book Viral (UK), The US Review of Books (USA), Reader Views (USA), San Francisco Book Review (USA), Best Seller World (USA), North Eastern Review (India), Indian Book Chronicle (India) and many others.

Along with “City Times and Other Poems (1993)” Author Vihang A. Naik’s other poetry collection books are “Making A Poem (2004)” and “Poetry Manifesto – New & Selected Poems (2010)” while his other poetry collection book, “Jeevangeet (2001)” which is in Gujarati Language and is dedicated to the victims of the Gujarat Earthquake that occurred in January 2001.

 He also translates poetry written in Gujarati Language into English, including his very own Gujarati Poems too. Author’s poems had also appeared in some of the noted Literary Journals and Anthologies like Indian Literature: A Sahitya Akademi Bi-Monthly Journal, Kavya Bharati, POESIS: A Journal of Poetry Circle (Mumbai), The Journal of The Poetry Society (India), The Journal of Indian Writing In English, The Journal of Literature and Aesthetics, The Brown Critique, The Poetry Chain among other significant journals and e publications. Interestingly his poetry has been translated into Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German & Portuguese making the fact much evident that the Author’s poems are read by the readers worldwide.

Beside all these momentous achievements of the Author, till now 2 books have been edited upon the author too, adding another feather to his incredible glory! “Vihang A. Naik: A Study of his Mind and Art” edited by Dr Sanjay P. Pandey and “Poetry of Vihang A. Naik: New Literary Dimensions” edited by Goutam Karmakar are the 2 book along with many other significant literary critical essays by literary critics which are written and edited upon the author. During his professional life, he had also taught English at various colleges in North Gujarat and retired from his job as an Associate Professor in the English Language in March, 2019. Now, after his retirement, he is currently living and working in Baroda, Gujarat. India.

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