Invest In Digital: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity | Prakash Arya | Book Review

Title: Invest In Digital: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity
Author: Prakash Arya
Published by: Notion Press; 1st edition (15 April 2021)
Reviewed by: Akhila Saroha at The Literature Today
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As the world moves towards accepting the new scenario where adjusting to the effects of the covid 19 virus is part and parcel, this has forced human beings to think out of the box and come up with ideas that are friendly to the new environment and cater to the safety of human beings. In just a year, things have changed to such an extent that most people are finding difficulty in adapting to the new normal, the post covid world. “Invest in Digital: Turning Crisis into Opportunity” by Prakash Arya is an attempt by the author to help the readers get both familiar and prepared for the new manner in which the world is going to operate. As the way in which people live their lives has changed, so will the manner in which business would change. Adapting to this change is the central point of focus of the author.

Through the medium of the book, the author not only harps on the significance of thinking out of the box but also use the available resources to ensure life remains smooth despite the odds being in plenty. Arya begins his work with a focused approach, and the readers become aware of what ideas the author is going to share to turn the tides in their favor. He divides the book into chapters of lengths that would keep the interest of the readers intact throughout their reading. As many readers would be aware, the times have changed, and how these times require innovation and an approach taken never before. These are the key factors that would attract the readers in no time, and they would not only read the book on their own but also suggest to others.

Author Prakash Arya
Reviewer: Akhila Saroha

Not only does “Invest in Digital” highlight the importance of digitizing the way of working, but it also shares various ideas that would be instrumental and helpful in shaping the future of many people’s businesses. To add on, the author uses interesting quotes from people who faced a tough time in their lifetime and yet didn’t give up. These ideas and quotations instill a positive effect on the readers, and they are ready to embrace the future the way it may come. Therefore, although the book may have been written from a pragmatic viewpoint, it gets humanitarian in this manner. To make the readers understand the concept of adaptability, the author gives contemporary examples of Amazon and McDonalds. These are ocular proofs of what the author is talking about and increase their significance in no time.

To give weightage to his ideas and clarity to the readers, the author uses ample examples in “Invest in Digital,” which range from the yesterday organization of Nokia to the app which gained overnight popularity, Zoom. These and many other examples help the readers that the human brain is such that it can develop things that can not be imagined and also adapt to the evolving time as and when it faces different situations. An example that can be mentioned in this regard is the boom of smart technology can be considered, which has facilitated people’s lives in the direction of making them easier. This book should be read by all readers so that they can not only help themselves but also the ones they know and help them become aware of the changing situations and help them adapt to them. The presence of so many examples enriches the imagination of those who may become future developers and inspire others who may not have been able to think due to the distress of the pandemic and its effects on their livelihoods. At the same time, when future generations would read “Invest in Digital,” they would get to know about how technology had developed in the pre-covid times, how it adapted when the world was hit by the pandemic and how it evolved in the post-covid era. Hence, the book becomes a document of the past, present, and the near future for the later future.

Apart from this, Arya uses a language that caters to the needs of all kinds of readers. Whether they read fiction or non-fiction, they are interested in reading the book due to the universality of the subject it explores and also the manner in which the author presents his ideas. They can read the book in one sitting or read it in installments to “chew and digest thoroughly” (as Bacon would say). In light of this, suggesting this book to all readers would be beneficial to all who want to help themselves or their friends and family. “Invest in Digital” is like a survival guide not just for the people but also their businesses and an example of how little things can make significant differences in the lives of many people.

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