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Interviewer:  Hi Nisha and thank you for agreeing to this interview. Congratulations on your Second book, Chand Ehsaas. Tell me a little about yourself and your background?

Nisha Tandon: Besides being an entrepreneur with an HR, Training consultancy, I am also a Hotel Management graduate with versatile experience in Hotels, educational institutions and corporate entities. Currently, I reside in Dubai. One community I am passionate to raise awareness about is the one of People of Determination (special needs).

Interviewer: What was the genesis for Chand Ehsaas? How different is it from your another book of poems ‘ Footprints’? 

Nisha Tandon: My second book of poetry, in Hindi, Chand Ehsaas’s genesis stemmed from my emotional journey of life. Over time, many incidents have impacted me which I incorporate in my work.  Footprints,  on the other hand, was crafted around general topics, with a stark focus on blending reality with imagination.

Interviewer:  I really like your writing style. It is smooth, appealing and adaptable to any reader. Do you wish to use more complicated language in your future works?

Nisha Tandon: For me, poetry serves to evoke emotions in the readers using language that touches the soul of everyone it reaches. Perhaps due to this I have never ventured into the side of poetry that caters to a niche audience. If you want to reach out to a larger section of society, the language needs to be relatable. Writing is a learning process and with each piece you delve deeper into the world of vocabulary and language and maturity sets in, but it begins by reaching out to everyone.

Interviewer:  What are your favorite poems in Chand Ehsaas? And why?

Nisha Tandon: Ainaa is a very effective poem as it makes us come face to face with the harsh reality of life. Ek aurat poorn hoon main is another favorite and I have narrated the same on various occasions. The reason is perhaps that women-centric topics appeal to me as I have a personal passion to empower them with my writing.

Interviewer:  In some of the poems there is some pain or dissent felt. Did any incidents affect and inspire you?

Nisha Tandon: My poetry gives powerful insight into my journey of life- writing has been deeply driven by my personal experiences. Adverse situations have been my best inspiration to write, which is well reflected in my poems. Though late motherhood and being blessed with a daughter with special needs does reflect in my writing.

Interviewer:  Do you think that a poet either heshe must be practical or emotional to write poems about life experiences?

Nisha Tandon: Poetry offers an unbelievable amount of creative freedom. As a poet, I try to effectively blend both to create an impact. Each experience in life carries some emotion and memories with it. Writing and reading poetry have a therapeutic effect on the mind.

Interviewer:  As a poet, what responsibilities do you think you have when you sit to write poetry?

Nisha Tandon: One needs to be sensitive towards their audience. I keep in mind that there is an emotional impact in my work but I avoid expressing my views on sensitive themes or topics to avoid conflict. Also as a writer I choose subject matter that interests the readers. I select words that generate a visceral response from the readers, and help them in getting in touch with their emotions.

Interviewer:  How do you think in this age of the Indian Books in English language reigning mostly, a book on Hindi poetry will make a difference?

Nisha Tandon: Hindi is one of the few most spoken languages in the world. It shall always hold it’s fort no matter what. There will always be fans who appreciate the significant contributions of our language in our culture and traditions. Its lyrical recitals still enthralls the enthusiast – personally, I believe that emotions are better expressed in Hindi than in English. Though English language dominates around the world, Hindi poetry will never lose its sheen.

Interviewer:  What is that in poetry that really attracts and pleases you? Who is your favorite poet?

Nisha Tandon: Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetics and rhythmic qualities of a language. It arouses an emotional reaction with every piece. It allows our innate passion to translate feelings into meaningful words with great imagery. I like to read works of Gulzar ji and Dr. Kumar Vishwas who have their unique styles but my writings do not follow any specific poetic styles.

Interviewer:  Few words to all the poetry lovers and your readers.

Nisha Tandon:I would say continue to read, express and promote poetry. Every poetry must have a clear message without stating the obvious- remember, your poetry must make a lasting impression with its words. With the role that social media plays, the millennials would find it easy to have a larger reach.

Thank you so much for answering all my questions. All the very best to you for future and your book too!

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