Interview with Manoj Kumar Sharma

Interview: Having spent beautiful 31 years in MNCs, what inspired you to turn towards book writing?

Manoj Kumar: Actually book writing was there in my subconscious mind since my school days, the idea doesn’t come suddenly. But, in the quest for survival and worldly obligations…I couldn’t manage myself for the full-fledged writing. And finally this happened after the retirement only.

Interview: Would you like to share your inspiration behind going for the title of your book?

Manoj Kumar: The inspiration for the Title doesn’t come out of the blues.  In fact the inspiration was the Character MIЯЯЯO itself, its out-of-the-box thought process against the tasks assigned and fearless modus operandi. And as its actions were unpredictably weird, self-willed who couldn’t be bound by human democracies, Laws & emotions. So, finally the Title shaped as –  MIЯЯЯO @ THƎ WƎIЯⱭ WAYWAЯⱭ

Interview: Is the protagonist a reflection of your personal thoughts and aspirations?Tricky! 

Manoj Kumar: Not absolutely…..but, reflection of evens & odds around us. If one look around selflessly, will certainly find that in today’s age sometimes the Life gets driven by so many unknown factors also, we are least bothered. We generally allow space to those issues only, which directly affects us either way. But here the Protagonist belongs to that unique breed who not only thinks every now and then about those non-personal issues around him, but, inculcates mitigating aspirations metamorphically to resolve them. Though failures broke him many times, but, those aspirations rose further stronger exceptionally.

Interview: All your characters were easily relatable. Are they really inspired from some real people around you or they just outpour of your thoughts only?

Manoj Kumar: Characters in this story were born out of shear imaginations and evolved as per the flow of the story. They may be relatable, because I feel that stories are neither absolutely real nor fictitious, but mix of both….after all its product of somebody’s imaginations who belongs to this material world only… 

Interview: What one (1) wish you will ask for if some day you get a chance similar to the one in your story?

Manoj Kumar: I will ask for India to become Golden Bird (Super Power by all means) again… 

Interview: Writing about such sensitive topics leads to creating a sensational buzz and sometimes some negative publicity as well. What came into your share? What’s your take on it?

Manoj Kumar: This is my debut novel and just in infant age (3 months old), still in the phase of reaching to the masses through mouth to mouth words, may need some more Time & Space for so called such sensational buzz or negative publicity. Whatsoever, anything…that will be necessary learning for me. 

Interview: Which one statement from responses received from your readers in relation to this book, made your day?

Manoj Kumar: I will revert on this at appropriate time, I do feel that this is not the right time…

Interview: These days, coming up with a web-series is a rage. Do you plan to collaborate with some media house to develop a web-series on the book?

Manoj Kumar: Definitely, if the story (& its sequel) attracts someone to develop it into web series or film, I would love to work out further on certain terms in win win situation.

Interview: How satisfying it was to write a book as compared to writing reports on your desk?

Manoj Kumar: Writing Reports is like enslaved well-defined mechanical job with certain boundations. Whereas writing a story / book is a soulful act, where satisfaction is immaterial. 

Interview: Now that you have a published book in your kitty. What one (1) piece of advice you wish to share with the fellow debut authors to overcome their writer’s block?

Manoj Kumar: This is traditionally repetitive question. But, being a one-book old author, I feel that I don’t deserve to act as an adviser to the fraternity. Still, I feel like a kindergarten student of this book world (school)…but, despite that can say that one should not give up and keep on write, write and write endlessly…  

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