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 He is a part of 100+ poetry anthologies/magazine with poets around the world. He has been awarded as ‘Top 50 Influencer Author’s Award 2k18’ by The Spirit Mania, ‘India Star Icon Award 2019’ by India Star Book of Records, and ‘Author of the Year  2019’ by Ne8x. He has been entered into ‘Limca Book of Records 2017’ for his books Poetry for Everyone 1 and 2. He has won “Aagaman – YuvaPratibhaSamman 2015” (Young Talent Award). He has also won “Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature – 2014 & 2017” for his English short story by xpresspublication. He has participated in the Duet Poetry Anthology, a part of “Limca Book of Records – 2015”. He is also a rhythm guitarist.You can connect with him through his facebook page DrDiwakarPokhriyal or in twitter @poetofsenses.

Interview questions 

Interview: I would like to applaud you for your achievements and especially for writing such a complete manual on poetry. Do you think we can call “there’s a poet in everyone” as the Bible for poetry?

Diwakar Pokhriyal: Sure you can and I will be really happy that you are considering this book as bible, but my aim for writing this book is to generate interest in the younger generation regarding poetry. I always believe that there more to poetry than just emotions (No doubt emotions plays an important role).  I will be happy if aspiring poets or poets who are interested in learning new forms of poetry choose this book.  


Interview: This is your 19th book. What was the though process behind this book? How did the idea germinate?

Diwakar Pokhriyal: As mentioned, poetry is mostly considered as a luxury or something to be done at the extra time and because of it we are not diving deep into it to get the real pearl. Creative writing has to be enjoyed, it should not be just considered for dumping yard of our emotions. While exploring such vast varieties of poetry forms, I have enjoyed it to the core. The idea germinated after becoming a part of various poetry functions and poetic evenings where I realized that poets and poetry is shrunk to very few forms. 


Interview: What hurdles did you face in finishing with this detailed work of yours?

Diwakar Pokhriyal: A lot of research work and understanding of poetry forms was real fun. I loved experimenting with forms and enjoyed different aspects of each poetry forms. It seems like different colors and we can paint the canvas with these different colors (poetry forms). The hurdles were the understanding of minute details regarding poetry. From rhyme to syllable count, from free verse to acrostic, there is a lot to learn. The major hurdle was there was no single book or Indian website on which I could learn poetic forms, that’s when the idea of this book surfaced.  


Interview: Do you feel, you efforts were worth it? Will the reader, the audience be able to reap benefits from this book? 

Diwakar Pokhriyal: I am sure whosoever will read this book will definitely learn something that will help him/her in his/her poetic journey. This book will only introduce a poet to the poetry, what he or she will do afterwards depend on the passion and interest he/she will have towards poetry.


Interview: How did you decide to write or how did writing come to you as a passion? How did you choose poetry as your strength?

Diwakar Pokhriyal: I have not decided to write, I believe writing decided to conquer my interest. On a lighter note may be reading a lot of comic book in my childhood attracted me towards writing. Surprisingly my first writing piece was a short story that I had written in my classroom and it had travelled all over the same classroom. Next year I penned my first poetry and from thereon I never looked back. Interestingly I never felt tired of writing. As of now I have written long poetries, two liners, short prose, short stories, Novel and is still not tired of anything and that is why I believe this might be a gift for me to enjoy. 


Interview: What forms of poetry were you aware of when you started your journey?

Diwakar Pokhriyal: Prior to writing to this book, I was an active part of facbook groups where poets around the world will post their poetry and from there I started learning about few forms of poetry. Frankly speaking I only knew about rhyming poetry when I started my poetry writing in school, but on facebook interacting with various learned poets I learned a lot. I learned Haiku, Acrostic, Rhyme, Triplets/Tercets, couplets, Quintet and then I just dived into the sea of poetry to learn much more forms of poetry. 


Interview: What all sources did you exploit for writing this book? 

Diwakar Pokhriyal: Internet is the best source that can help you to learn endlessly. I used internet and of-course from the learned poets I learned a lot of intricacies of poetry. 


Interview: Give us your version of the book synopsis?

Diwakar Pokhriyal: This book aims at introducing poetry lovers to different forms of poetry to help many aspiring poets to keep writing and enjoying poetry. This is to create a base among the poetry lovers to get a feel and understanding about poetry. Becoming a great poet is indeed a monumental task, but learning and enjoying poetry is not. Learning various forms of poetry hooks the creative part of a poet that unleashes the new dimensions of poet and poetry. “There’s a Poet in Everyone” and everyone can learn poetry, share and enjoy it.


Interview: Any leaving thoughts for the readers? The effort shows in each and every page of the book and we congratulate you for your efforts and your work. Please give us an insight into your new projects.

Diwakar Pokhriyal: Thank you so much, I only like to pass on the message that one should keep reading and writing. The more you read, the more you will know about a certain subject and hence you can explore and experiment more and in the process you can enjoy the creativity. As of now I am working towards my first English Novel and as always I am ready with my poetry books. I am also working on a non-fiction book based on Solar Energy.


Interview: Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Diwakar Pokhriyal: It is my pleasure to be a part of this and I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to interact and discuss about my writing journey and my works.


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