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Akhila Saroha: Before beginning this interview, I would like to congratulate you on the publishing of your book, “My Letters to My Daughters”. How has the response of the readers been so far?
Curfina Kimkhovah: Thank you so much; its my privilege to have you too. Honestly, On the day when my debut book was officially released globally on Amazon in kindle E-book, and digital, without a paperback and hardcover, it was unexpected for me, almost like a pandemic response, though it might sound funny now. I was excited and curious, anxious and sleepless, and overwhelmed because I didn’t get my Author book copy, hold in my hand, and proclaim myself an author. But again, I was blessed by the grace of Almighty God, after the next day, newly hottest released in Amazon , My book was Top No 1, best seller in Amazon E-book and digital, and Top No 1 best selling in Anthologies in Amazon prime. For some reason, those people who knows me well, nobody expected me that far. Behind the scene, it was a different story for me for It was not an overnight success but the process was a long journey. After that the response is terrific from my dear readers.

I got many calls from my family, friends, and well-wishers. Especially some of my dear readers from my hometown, my sister from UK by seeing only the title and book cover my painting, their response was underlying emotional and overwhelmed, at the same time life challenges and uplifting spirit for everyone, because I start from zero without any backup, no literary background or qualification, just in a simple pure and raw emotional feeling the person who I am, I worked and toiling days and nights, by pouring out my heart, mind, and soul, it nearly took me two (2) years. So far, based on the book, from my dear readers, their response is just excellent and unique.

Akhila Saroha: The book’s title, “My Letters to My Daughters” has the repetition of “My”. How did you come up with the name and what made the usage of “My” twice sound more appealing?
Curfina Kimkhovah: Well, Honestly, the professional life of being a girl, a woman, a single mother and co-parenting with three daughters, automatically that makes me become aware and protective towards loved one. So, I took everything as personal and addressed a letter to my daughters by pouring out my heart, mind, and soul.

Well, If we looked where we live in today, the situations and circumstances of our environment, the world is changing so fast for better and worse. The advancement Information Technology era is taking place rapidly, every person big or small having fast and busy life. But in reality, the main issue is that every person is fighting their own battlefield of stress and depression . There is no time to sit and discuss peacefully, like we used to share before like the normal days.

My book belongs for all genre to read; it is written in simple words to understand so that every person big or small, black or white, rich or poor, boys and girls, they can read and benefit. The name of the book title is given an address to my daughters, “My Letters to My Daughters”. The repetition of “My” twice, I took personally and address a letter to all my dear readers, to have a deep mutual relationship meaning of life, between a mom and daughter, heart to heart sharing and confrontation, by emphasis and mentioned to all my dear readers that belongs to get more closer and connected , with a bond of love and affection, to uplift their spirits to fight for their rights with confidence, but also with a strong sense of stern discipline physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Akhila Saroha: What do you feel about the present day style of parenting?
Curfina Kimkhovah: well, that is hard to answer, because every parent have a different concept and different lifestyle of parenting skill in a best possible way of parenting like traditional or modern skill of upbringing. Everything is a learning stage, I was a young teenage mom, without any basic parenting skill, yet I still cannot say I am a perfect parent. However, I have a profound gratitude for the then editorials and magazines like the Women era, Famina, Gladrags so on etc.They provided new-letters and topics for new moms and babies, relationship bondages, how to feed and care, nurturing with love and affection….so on..they provided certain subjects and topics that helped me a lot. You can understand those days we did not have computers or internet to google.

Now, suppose you look at the present scenario the environment where we live in today. In that case, the world is changing fast, the technology advancement everything we have for replacement and easy lifestyle. We have eventually comforted ourselves with the access also dependent. Sometimes, artificial Intilligent controls us in everything. Everything has limits to some extent the advantage and disadvantage based on that, but I can’t point out this is the best way to implement.

But, sadly, the fact, the main relationship is drifting slowly, in between the communication gap is developed due to the fast-living lifestyle. We loss the sense of the fundamental basic way of a meaningful life of humanity and humility. Slowly, we lost the will power of our mindset, how to develop and adapting the strong willpower of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When adversities and hardship comes in reality we can’t face those challenges in life and slowly we developed stress, hypertension, depression or breakdown.

Akhila Saroha: There are very less books that talk about the subject you have chosen. How did the idea of writing the book come to you?
Curfina Kimkhovah: Honestly, I have no idea, there are very less or more books that talk about the subject.

Everything, Co-incidentally my personal life experiences and the quantum of life, the universal law of attraction all the idea and subject came alive. We human being biologically and psychologically, sometimes we don’t want to admit to defeats and surrender ourselves the true colors of the negative sides we possess, instead, we hide our weakness and flaws as far as possible, its always a deep-rooted current, possibly ego problem or our fear of humiliation under the prestige of social issues.

But, However, the idea comes and why I choose the subject of this book, because these things are happening personally in my life, I was, my own victim through my experiences of ups and downs journey of life—also based on the real life story of thousands people around the world. Men and woman alike facing hardship and adversities of life, they are suffering silently emotionally, stress and depression, gradually confusing and loosing themselves. They can’t fight for themselves more or less which stagnated their true sense of purpose in life. The ultimatum\solution is their tendency to being suicidal. I would love to encourage and motivate and uplift their true spirit to all my dear readers around the world. No matter who you are, your age, colors,sex or creed. You need only one thing to change the present mindset to develop the will power of belief, a system to trust yourself stubbornly, reconstruct and rediscover, heal and invest, and give a second chance of your life to become limitless.  

Akhila Saroha: Cara has to go through a lot of adversities in one lifetime. Do you believe that fate was too unjust to her?
Curfina Kimkhovah: Probably, in time of during adversities period, we always blame and curse that life is unjust and unfair. But again if we looked deeper on the other side of the positive aspect of life, life is only a test, and without it, it’s not living worth of a life.

Cara finally came to realize that everything in life, there was always a reason and purpose. Without hardship and adversities in life, you will never discover your true inner spirit, your worth and value, your potential and weakness. The more you face challenges in life you will become wiser, stronger and mature enough to fight for your rights.

Akhila Saroha: Are there any present-day writers you like to read? Or any writers of earlier times?
Curfina Kimkhovah: Absolutely, so many wonderful present-day writers are there, every writer is creative and having amazing story of fiction and non-fiction. I would love to read all their books. But, so far honestly, I had read few books in my life, writers like Stephen king, Khaled Hussain, Dan Brown, Wilbur Smith, Daniel Steel and J.K Rowling, and I salute among the Indian writers like Chetan Bhagat, Arundhati Roy etc. But, I would love to read now the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami novel…

I have a great admiration of Classic writers like Charles Dickens, My inspiration start from him, “Great Expectation” Leo Tolstoy, Earnest Hemmingway, Jane Austine, Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf and Rabindranath Tagore…And I love to read Bible, and Rumi poem.

Akhila Saroha: What made you think of conveying your message through letter form? Did you have any other format in mind?
Curfina Kimkhovah: I would like to convey my message through letters form that life is a beautiful and beautiful gift for those who seek the fundamental basic of life in every aspect. The Universe and the quantum of life inside everything is correlated and balance the energy. The human subconscious mind that control the strength of will power of mindset, the energy power of belief, words and action the choice you make positive and negative impact, because what you think and believe is what you are and ultimately, that transformation take place in physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Akhila Saroha: If there are people like Cara, who have suffered like her in real life, what would your advice be to them?
Curfina Kimkhovah: If, people like Cara in real life exist. Sometimes, it’s easy to say, but doing it is different; my best advice would be, nothing last forever in this world. Be strong and truthful to yourself, every pain and suffering is only temporary, like a shadow that caste away and season changes, but love of passion and dreams will remain, and never give up and fight for that until, you reach the end what is meant for you. Even though you may try and fail and messed up in life, try again in everything, use your pain and suffering into your gift, turn your adversities, and create your treasure gold. You can see the birds they also leant how to fly even they falls, and they don’t give up and fly again. Pain and suffering is the opposite side of the beauty of life, without hardship and adversities in life, you will never know and discover the true self of your inner spirit, your worth and value, your potential and weakness. The more who faces challenges in life become wiser, mature and stronger Physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. All the legends are born in the battlefield of struggle and pain.

Akhila Saroha: If you have read any present day writing, what would you like to say about it?
Curfina Kimkhovah: I would love to say, I really appreciate their hardworks and creative mindset, whether a fiction or non-fiction each story is wonderful. Because all writers are working so hard, toiling days and nights behind the scene, I know what is the life of being a writer. Everyone is not perfect and same, all having different backgrounds of life experiences, the knowledge and wisdom, having different kind of calling and purpose in life. Always follow your heart and dreams, be stubborn to do your best of the best you can, don’t be a slave of others opinions but be original and authentic to heal the world. Because, pen is mightier than a thousands swords, the world is in your hand and you can create anything, a sunshine and rainy day, to change the world in the better place. So, don’t give up and don’t be a victim, but be a victory, every good things in life takes time and also a great rewarding.

Akhila Saroha: Since “My Letters to My Daughters” talks about many aspects and themes, if you were to assign a genre to the book, which would it be?
Curfina Kimkhovah: Well, my book “My letters to My daughters “talks about many aspects and themes, the basic fundamental meaning of human life of humanity and humility.

Being a human to fight for the rights, the instinct of the survival of the fittest, not the victim nor the villain, but the victory.

My book will be for all genre to read and enjoy, to inspire and uplift the spirit. Right now, I don’t have nothing, specific of any genre fiction and nonfiction, But, someday, I would love to assign some children book, let us see and wait how far it can curve out.

Akhila Saroha: What advice would you like to give to the growing writers on the basis of your experience in writing?
Curfina Kimkhovah: I’m still a learner, it’s my debut remember, nothing much to share about my experience in writing compared with others senior writers.

 But, I would love to share and advice them, from the bottom of my heart. Some few tips for the young growing writers from the bottom of my heart.

First of all, discipline your mindset and develop healthy will power of the physical, mental and emotional, obstinate from negative distraction, trust to believe yourself, even though nobody believe in you to follow your heart and dreams, every writer have different genre and their calling, they are driven and passionate to follow their dreams, so start to create wild imagination of fantasy story of fiction or nonfiction. Always try to focus your mind, and energy and set your PowerPoint and creative timing, which is the best time for you, be stubborn to do your best of the best you can, don’t be a slave of others opinions be original, don’t give up easily every good things in life it takes time, read more and write more, again write more and read more, nobody is perfect in the first place, everyone makes mistakes and learn from it, so keep going on, continue on, write on even though a hundred times, if there is no pain there is no gain, till you bleed in pain emotionally inside and cry out your inner spirit. Pour out your heart, mind, and soul until your book comes alive and reveal itself , till your pen and soul are satisfied with your writing, then stop and admire your work….

Akhila Saroha: Your writing shows a clear potential of a lot more to come from your pen. Please share about your future projects.
Curfina Kimkhovah: Thank you so much, that is a great honour and a wonderful compliment. The journey has just begun and still long way to go… I love to write more about anything non-fiction or fiction story… for all genres to read, based on realistic people and day to day life..,But, I want all my readers to be a hero and she-hero, not a victim nor villain but overcoming and rewarding themselves with their victory.

Akhila Saroha: Thank you for sparing time for this interview. I wish you the best for your future.
Curfina Kimkhovah: Thank you so much, it has been my great pleasure. 

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