In Conversation With Professor Vipin Gupta About His Book “What is Human Factor”

  • Welcome again. It is great to be in conversation with you once more. Please elaborate on the title of this book. How did you come up with it and what is the story behind the subtitle?

Many have talked about the humanity and how humans are at the top of the nature’s creation hierarchy.   Humans are not just a creation.   Humans have the power to be the creators.   Humans have also the freedom of a creature to decide whether to live like a creation or a creator.    Most humans live like a creation—they believe in a creator without them.  They worship the creator using one of the three methods: religion, spirituality, and science.  In religion, God, Allah, or Bhagwan, is believed to be the creator.  In spirituality, one discovers oneself as the creator of one’s present through past behaviors.   One realizes that one is oneself the God, Allah, or Bhagwan.   In science, one behaves like the creator of a supernatural reality and superimposes that on the natural reality.   In today’s age, a star scientist who has the confidence in oneself and carries conviction becomes the God of science and commands universal following among the humans.   Examples of such star scientists include Adam Smith in Economics, Charles Darwin in Biology, and Albert Einstein in Physics.  Everybody worships these new-age Gods by referring to their work and binding their wisdom and mindset to what they said.   There are rare humans who behave like Gods, Allah, or Bhagwan, instead of becoming one by way of attribution by the universe of followers.   These humans command disproportionate wealth and power.  Examples include Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bernard Arnault.  Everybody wishes to be like them by copying their behaviors.   Unlike the ones who become God because people believe them to be God, these are undisputed Gods.  

People’s beliefs are subject to dispute.  That’s why every budding scientist aspires to revisit what Gods of science identified as the reality for either reconfirming that and stand in line of the devoted followers or disproving them to become the next God of science.   You will notice one thing.   All the Gods, whether based on beliefs or behaviors, are masculine.   Masculinity is connected with the D for diversity from the homogenous mass, I for inclusion of everyone in the homogenous mass, and E for engagement of the homogenous mass as the devoted followers seeking to copy the diverse one.   Therefore, the masculinity is the reason why one DIEs.   When one is making supernatural effort as God to mobilize and manipulate a mass of followers, God becomes synonymous with entropy and entropy value.  Today, the human factor is the reason for the sarvanasha (entropy value) we are witnessing everywhere.   The societies are in trouble.   The humans are under mental stress.   The ecology is stressed.  The economies are lop-sided with rapid growth in the wealth of the super-rich and a rising dependence on the government pay outs and charities from the wealthy.   The nations are under chaos.   Psychologically everyone is looking for a key to a joyful living.   That is what is revealed in this book.

  • Although this may be often asked question but can you elaborate on project VIPIN and how close it is to your heart?

Project VIPIN is a quest to know what is in my heart.   Each of our body systems is a mini heart wheel.   That includes not only our various physical body systems, but also mental, intellectual, emotional, sentimental, and psychological body systems.  Our heart beats with the combined sound of the consciousness of all these body systems.  The consciousness generates the sound of bickering among the diverse body systems.  Each body system perceives itself to be a deity without which a human being can’t live a joyful life.  Therefore, every once in a while, everybody bands together to silence one of the body systems by characterizing one as the devil.  A devil is not a negative factor.  A devil means that one is only a cotangent, a sidekick of the hero.   The hero is a deity.   In Hindi, the devil is Sura who sings and lives in the sur of the whole body as a system and has zero incremental value of his own.  The deity is Deva who is devoted to his work and lets others enjoy his ascending value.   Who are those others?  A deity believes his ascending value is being enjoyed by the Devil.   However, the Devil has zero incremental value, not negative.   Due to the error in the deity’s consciousness, a deity—behaving like a producer class—gives birth to a consumer class.   Now if there is something to consume, we know that everyone begging the government and the wealthy for dole-outs will be standing in line to join and consume that.   After all, something is better than nothing.   In any case, those waiting and watching for the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity to resolve have nothing to lose from consuming what is being produced by the hard-working deities.  And once you get habituated to consuming the deity’s ego energy, you shape your destiny of becoming a Satan, the asura, who is willing to go to any lengths to get the drinks and the drugs.   In fact, he is even willing to contend that narcotics and drinks are good for health and become a dealer in them.  

In ancient India, the producer class (Deity) was identified as the shudras.   The leader class (Sura) who leads the deity to believe that the deity himself is the God as a path for the deity’s entropy was identified as the kshatriyas.  After the entropy of the one behaving like a deity, believing oneself to be God, the devil from the leader class becomes the primeval deity – the infinite deity or the destroyer deity Mahesha.   The consumer class (Asura) who shapes the destiny of everyone to be the Satan like him, was identified as the Other Backward Class or the Outcaste.  When the consumer class became the trader class, trading their reality and servicing that to everyone by packaging it as the key to joyful living, a trader class – Vaishyas was added.  After living a life of trading, the trader class became the intellectual class, reflecting on their life and theorizing that it is sufficient for them to seek forgiveness for their innocent child-like behaviors out of ignorance.   Thus, the intellectual class- the Brahmins was added as the fifth class.   Of course, the devil who becomes the primeval deity forms the sixth, masculine class.  He is the one who incarnates as a deity by idealizing the deity to be the ideal for testing the hypothesis that he can be the eternal God unlike the ones before him.   Why?  Because before becoming zero, he was one isolated as the individual by the collective body system for testing his individuality when he bragged about his omnipotence. And, the deity is the synonym of a human being, because each human being has divine qualities to work on whatever one wishes and leave that for the others to enjoy (or not enjoy).

  • Your books are becoming the talk of the town. How does it feel to have such back- to- back publishing successes?

I am glad that people have begun talking about the books I have penned this year so far.   I am an educator and my role is to educate people about the reality of their belief system, behavior system, and becoming system.  Publishing is only a step towards that direction.   Success has many steps like a ladder.   I know I will not be around in a physical body as that ladder takes shape over time.   Yet, while I am in this physical body, my goal is to construct a strong enough ladder that every child may climb for living a joyful life on own merits. 

  • What inspired you to pen this book?

Being human has become a vogue of town.  Everybody is preaching that we should be human and considerate towards the others.  Only a few are making others aware that all of us are humans and if we all just decide to be considerate towards ourselves, then there is no need for anybody to be human servicing consideration for the well-being of others.   When we service the well-being of others, we undermine their conscious freedom and efforts for their conscious well-being.   Of course, many would say that they have always propounded the theory of self-interest and private interest as the best path for success.   However, a theory of self-interest is falsifiable by knowing that one is seeking to further one’s self-interest by subordinating everyone else’s interest.   Facebook has become a trillionaire by subordinating everyone who uses Facebook and therefore a majority of those who use facebook are now those at the bottom of the pyramid.   If those at the bottom of the pyramid stop using Facebook today, Facebook will not be able to dilute their purchasing power with its trillion dollars and everyone will no longer be at the bottom of the pyramid.   My work shows that we are the makers of our mood, destiny, divinity, and eternity.  We are all bound by the forces of time that culturally binds our consciousness and make us live a life of illusion going in cycles across births.

  • Do you feel that the intense use of Sanskrit is an added advantage to helping readers connect with classical teachings of India?

Sanskrit is the only language in the world that has all the alphabets necessary for fully expressing the essence of our consciousness.  At one time, Sanskrit had 108 alphabets.  Later, they were reduced to 54 alphabets.  New ways were developed to express half letters and whole letters as the alterations of the imaginary letter that expressed the essence of those letters.   Therefore, by identifying Sanskrit equivalents of the various concepts, one opens up the connection to the vast cultural heritage of the world.   It is a productive approach for connecting my work with India’s classical teachings.   One immediately learns how my work is different and how it carries forward the foundation that those teachings have created as the ancient gurus desired for one to eventually connect those foundation with a ladder for everyone’s progress and joy.   Unfortunately, no one has taken the initiative to do so, because everyone is either busy in consuming those ancient teachings or producing the modern teachings by referring to other like-minded fame-seeking deified individuals. 

  • How long did it take you to write this book?

I have devoted an average of three months to write each book in Project VIPIN.   That time has been devoted over a four-year period during which I have drafted sixteen books.   And, in those three months, I have also been fully engaged in my other professional and family life.   If we just take the time researching and writing, it has taken an average of 500 hours for each book. 

  • Since you have a penchant for writing, will it be correct to say that you are more inclined towards writing books of non-fiction only?

The fiction is a method for helping people understand non-fiction in a friendly and engaging way.   In fiction, the author adds the color of imagination, drama, and fantasy to transform the reality into a story.   The story sits in the consciousness of the reader and makes the reader play out the story by mixing and matching it with other stories.   Each of us plays out a story in our life.   Our life becomes a story full of thrills, with ups and downs, failures and successes, and happiness and sadness.  Every life time, we play out a different character, starting where we ended in our last time but by inverting that end to see whether the ending would be different if we had made a different choice.   Every time, we end up with our death without realizing the essence of the cycle of life and death, the animate and the inanimate.  Eventually, we come out of the life of fiction and face the cold reality that our life is a non-fiction.     If we wish to know the reality of our life, it will take us another lifetime after we haver fulfilled our desire to enjoy the fiction in this life.

  • What kind of research did you have to do to write this book?

There are two types of research.  First, research based on extroversion.  In this version of research, one searches for what others have found and revealed.  One then researches whether what was revealed by others was indeed their finding or was their revelation contaminated by alternative intents (such as to gain fame by making big revelations independent of their findings) and by alternative contents (such as contaminated findings of others that are within our consciousness and shape what we see and how we interpret what we see).    Second, research based on introversion.  In this version of research, one searches for what one has found and not revealed.   One digs deep into one’s experiences and one’s consciousness to uncover the dark secrets that are hidden within the layers of one’s consciousness, derived from the social networking of everyone’s consciousness.  

My research triangulates these two versions of research.   I build on the searches others have done as they sought to discover the reality.   I also build on the searches I have done as I have sought to validate the reality others have reported.   To build, I research the reality Mother Nature has created after peeling the layers of supernatural reality human beings have created seeking to prove either their divinity or someone else’s divinity.   By researching Mother Nature’s divinity, my writing seeks to illuminate how different sentient entities, human or non-human, contribute to the divinity with which Mother Nature nurtures us after we have consumed and destroyed the wild nature characterized by an absolute freedom full of joy and exhilaration of life.

  • Who has been your target audience?

My first target audience is Vipin.   I am the first and the foremost beneficiary, as I am gaining a clarified consciousness of the reality through my research and writing.   The next beneficiary is Mother Nature, because my research and writing is illuminating the secret of Mother Nature that she wishes everyone to know so that she can be a friend about whom everyone cares instead of taking her for granted.   The third beneficiary is anyone who wishes to make Mother Nature their friend.  Not everyone wishes their Mother to be their friend.   Most men believe that mothers are there to take care of them, make sacrifices, and serve them as mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and grandmothers.   They treat women as the objects of their desire, giving fuel to additional desires, and becoming a means to fulfilling those desires.     Certainly, they are not my target audience.    They will not like the hardcore non-fiction, you see.

  • Name a few contemporaries in your writing field who you look up to a lot and whose books you have read avidly.

Fortunately, I do not look up to any contemporary.   I do not deify anyone.   I do not read the books based on who has written them.   I read the books because they have shaped the dominant knowledge of our times.    I look for the parlance the masters are using as a hook to connect with the minds of the classes and the masses.    In my work, I illuminate the trye meaning of that parlance and the hidden intents that may or may not be known to those masters.   Even though the masters are the conscious entities, they are conscious of what is within the four-walls of their consciousness.    When they read what others have written, they are reproducing what is in the four-walls of the consciousness of those others.   Thus, all we get in those writings is what was in the four-walls of the consciousness in the past.    The only difference is the change of parlance in sync with the changing times.    I call that a new wine in a new bottle without any sense of the maturity of the wine.   We are living at a time when a new wine in a new bottle gets a premium value.  Why?  Because after exploring everything else, now people are looking for something new.    When one packages the old wine taken from the old, broken, dusty bottle with fresh wine using a fresh bottle, one enjoys infinite returns at zero cost.   You must have heard the story where Birbal asked Emperor Akbar to have all the ministers put a can of milk for his bath in a state ceremony.   And, everyone just put a double can of water bragging that they really care about the long life of their beloved emperor.   

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