From Knowing to Glowing – Kavita Saraff – Book Review

Life as it may be, always has challenges for everyone living it. Everyone has different ways of responding to it, and those responses are what make the difference. This difference differentiates the lives of people from others, and responding correctly is where the key to a blissful life lies. Kavita Saraff’s book, “From Knowing to Glowing: Traverse the Unknown Glow into Your Existence,” is a product of the accumulated experience that the author acquired through the different events that happened in her life and how she responded to them. A consequence of real experiences, the book can be a guide for some while for others it may be a study of how life and circumstances impact a personality.

The cover of the book is a soothing sight containing the image of the earth, which implies that the book is a product of worldly experience that the author has acquired and intends to impart to the readers. Saraff divides the book into two parts which may for once seem like the first part being about having a first-hand experience of things and events that shaped her personality and the second part being about her looking back at them and learning or drawing conclusions on the basis of her observation. The readers are able to establish the necessary connection with the author from the beginning, which remains sustained throughout, and they are able to understand things more closely. This makes “From Knowing to Glowing” a treasure in itself and a piece of wisdom at the same time. In the Foreword, the author describes the makings of the book and the events that inspired her to write it and share her knowledge with the world. The Foreword clears a lot of things to the readers, and they are prepared to receive and read all that the author has to say with open arms.

The author digs into her experiences to give the readers the most realistic understanding of the situations life can put anyone into. She also describes how these experiences affected her and how they helped her learn and understand life closely. She shares these experiences wherein she clubs both the good and bad times, which carries the air of reality in a pure and raw form. The “Great Glow,” as the author puts it, is not the glow attained from the ordinary; it is the glow that comes from knowledge, the effect of knowledge and the changes it brings in the lives of a person is the central tenet of “From Knowing to Glowing.”

Since the work is born from real experiences, it bears touches of reality at every nook and corner. This is one of the critical factors that make the work easily relatable for the readers and also ensure that they can connect with it instantly. At the same time, the readers can learn from the author’s experiences and apply them in their lives so that they are able to handle situations in a better way. In the first part of the book, she talks about her early years and the problems she faced which would be common even today. She also talks about the dark times that she had seen which again are something common to all. It is in the second part where she discusses how those events helped to shape her personality and help her evolve into a better and wiser human being. 

This also makes the book essential to be read again and again so that the readers can have a thorough and in-depth understanding of the things the author has talked about. “From Knowing to Glowing” is a product of the author’s wisdom, and to absorb it all will take some time for the readers.  In order to facilitate the readers’ understanding, the author chooses a language that is easy to understand and connect with for the readers. This opens the book for reading by readers of all ages and backgrounds. Since the book is a work of non-fiction, the readers of the non-fiction genre would feel instantly interested in reading the book. However, due to the universal nature of the content, the book is equally recommended to fiction readers. 

Saraff’s “From Knowing to Glowing” comes as a book that has something or the other for all kinds of readers. The younger readers would find incidents and events which may be going on in their lives or may have occurred already, while for the grown-up readers, there would be the learning which they may or may not have attained in their lifetime so far. Therefore, the appeal of the book becomes universal, and the applicability increases as per age. Everyone should try reading the book to have their experience from knowing to glowing.

Book: From Knowing to Glowing
Author: Kavita Saraff
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Order Book: On Amazon
Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha at The Literature Today

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