Following controversy, Isro leader Somanath withdraws the release of his autobiography.

Chief of the Indian Space Research Organization (Isro), S Somanath, announced on Saturday that he had chosen not to publish his autobiography due to controversy surrounding some of the book’s purportedly disparaging comments he made about his predecessor, K Sivan.

According to news agency PTI, Somanath announced that he has chosen to rescind the book’s release, “Nilavu Kudicha Simhangal,” which translates roughly to “Lions that drank the moonlight.”

Earlier in the day, he addressed a report that contained unflattering comments about Sivan from his book, emphasizing that everyone faces obstacles on their way to achieving top positions inside an organization.

He stated, “Individuals in key roles often face various challenges, including those related to securing positions within an organization,” clarifying that such challenges are part of everyone’s journey. He added, “My intention was not to single out any specific individual; I simply aimed to highlight a particular aspect.”

In his book, Somanath admitted to talking about the ambiguity surrounding the Chandrayaan-2 mission’s failure. The goal of this mission, India’s second attempt at a moon landing in 2019, was not met by a soft landing.

The chairman of Isro reaffirmed that his book is not a criticism column but rather an inspirational story for people who want to overcome problems in life.

He had previously stated that the goal of the autobiography, which also discusses his humble beginnings, is to encourage gifted people who might be lacking in confidence.

He added, “The book does not aim to narrate my life story; its sole purpose is to encourage people to pursue their dreams while facing life’s adversities,” he told PTI.

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